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Event Day: Creating Trailers

Interactive Presentation for Event Day: Creating Trailers at Longbenton Community College using BBC Doctor Who trailer creator

Glen Bowman

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Event Day: Creating Trailers

EVENT DAY: Creating Trailers Learning Objectives and Success Criteria Learning Objectives and Sucess Criteria Example Trailer - Is It Any Good? Task List - Action Plan Learning Objectives
ALL will be able to make a trailer using online resources
MOST will be able to make a trailer last 30 seconds
SOME will be able to make a trailer that will evoke an emotion in a viewer Sucess Criteria
You will produce a Trailer
You will use your clip record sheet to organise and plan your trailer
You will get your work reviewed by other students There is an example trailer on NTLP - Watch it an Disscuss with a partner "Is It Any Good"? - be prepared to share your responses with the class Use the link on NTLP to make your own trailer by dragging an dropping the elements. Elements can be adjusted in length by getting hold of the edges.
Use the Clip Record sheet to decide on which clips to use and how to use them
Think about the AUDIENCE for this trailer, can you make them feel scared or excited?
Copy the SHARE link onto the online wall which is on NTLP
Use the Peer Review template so others can give you feedback on your work
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