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Ghost Letter Digraphs

kn, wr, gn

Kristi DeLoach

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Ghost Letter Digraphs

kn-, wr-, and gn- Ghost Letter Digraphs kn- These are words that contain the ghost
letter digraph, kn-. wr- These are words that contain the ghost
letter digraph, wr-. gn- These are words that contain the ghost
letter digraph, gn-. knife

She used a knife to cut the steak. knack

The teacher had a knack for drawing apples. known

Bob has known how to add since Kindergarten. knot

I have a knot in my shoe laces. knob

I had to turn the knob to open the door. knit

My grandmother uses yarn to knit scarves. knight

The knight wore silver armor. knead

We had to knead the dough before we baked the bread. kneel

I was asked to kneel at the alter. knelt

The knight knelt before the queen. knee

I had a scratch on my knee. write

I can write my name. wreck

The frozen road caused us to have a wreck. wrist

My wrist is swollen from the tennis game. wrap

My mom knows how to wrap presents.


I know the words to the ABC rap. wren

I heard to wren chirping in the tree. wrong

I made a mistake and wrote
the wrong answer. wreath

The wreath hung on the door. wring

I had to wring out the water that was in my towel.


Her ring was too big for her finger. gnat

The gnat was buzzing by my ear. gnaw

The baby likes to gnaw on a toy. gnome

We have a gnome in our garden. Now it is your turn!

Here are your directions:
1. Sort your words on your own on your table.
2. Turn and tell your partner at least three sentences using words that contain ghost letter digraphs.
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