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5themes of geography

No description

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of 5themes of geography

5themes of geography
Absolute location
the absolute location of miami florida is 30 degrees 24'N and 80 degrees 17'W.
Relative location
Miami beach florida
The relative location is Southwest of the Atlantic ocean,in North America.
In Miami,Florida the weather is often muggy and and very humid. Although it may become uncomfortable for many newcomers, there is always the beautiful beaches in Miami Dade County.
The way people move around in Miami is they have public transportation such as buses and taxis.They move ideas around by social networks such as facebook and twitter.
Human Env. Intercation
the hydrological system in South Florida was altered by a series of water management features diverting much of the water that previously had gone into the natural system for the human system through a network of canals, levees,and rretianing pon
Perceptual Region
The Miami,Fl area is perceptual region because usually when people say Miami,Fl they think extravagant parties, beaches,and warm weather.
Functional region
In Miami Florida, there is a heavy population of hispanics(cubans) and are linked because Miami,Fl is so close to Cuba.
Downtown Miami
Fun Facts!!cx
Miami was actually the first major city that was foynded by a woman Julia Tuttle.
Miami is the only city in the worl that has the Everglades eco-system.
They modify the enviorment by recycling and cleaning up parts of their community to keep it clean.
Enviorment modificatio
The end
Thanks for watching ......:)
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