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JA Titan

No description

Justin Wang

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of JA Titan

JA Titan

Two Things That Went Well
 Making profits - we earned money
Controlling the price - we controlled our price successfully and set it as a medium price in the whole market

One Thing That Needs Improve
 We still need to improve the market share of our company which is not high (9%) in the whole market now

The Star Pyramid
in fifth place
Our Strategy
Our strategy in the beginning was to have a higher price and a higher production but as it turns out that it wasn’t a strategy that could bring us to first place, it was the opposite it got us into last place. After that experience we decided to lower the price and keep the same amount of production so that more people would want to have our holo-generator since it’s so cheap. That strategy popped us back into the race flying us through our competitors into first place. After that we looked at the advices our staff was giving us, and took it into consideration. In the end our main strategy was lower the price and have a high production
Our Analysis of Results
Why we were successful
Thank You for your attention
We may not have come in first but we don't need to come in first in order to be successful.
We will continue to be successful as we continue to work hard and learn from our previous mistakes.
We will continue to contribute our ideas to the group and decide on the best option
At the end of this game, the final results of our company were not bad. First of all, we made profits, which meant that we earned money and did not take out a loan. At the end of the last quarter, our net profit was $13,274.00, and we had $116,403.00 as ending cash. That gave us solid fundamentals for continued future success. Another important thing that we went well was our price decision. In Quarter 1, we set our price too high which was $65.00 per each Holo-Generator, and we produced so many simulators. It resulted production being much higher than order, and we only got few profits. After that, we tried to lower the price and increase it slowly to set it as a medium price in the whole market - we did it! We controlled our price successfully and made profits. In the future, we will try to improve our company’s market share and produce more new-feature Holo-Generators - we will go well.
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