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Aquabest Business Plan


Rachelle Condicion

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Aquabest Business Plan

When you Invest in Aquabest,
the benefits are ..

Free Streamers every quarter
Free Uniform every month
Free Replacement Filters every month (2 pcs)
Free Replacement Carbon Cartridge every 6 months (2 pcs)
Full Maintenance Support
Fully report on all operations
Reverse Osmosis Automatic System : freebies i.e. signage, uniform, stocks etc.
Peripherals and Accessories Available
Office Support till 7:00 pm Mondays thru Fridays and up to 2:00 pm on Saturdays


Needed Investment
P 600,000 (3 YEARS term)
Store Layout

5 gals P 30 P 35
2.5 gals 17 20
1.5 gals 12 15
1.0 gal 9 12
1.5 liter 6 8
1.0 liter 5 7
Cold 1.0 liter is also available to motorists and other individuals for only P12.00

Founded by Carson Tan in Quezon City in 1997.With more than 400 water refilling stations, plus a bottled water line distributed in Mini-Stop convenience stores, Aquabest has become one of the largest water refilling brands in the country.
To illustrate how the Aquabest franchise competes in this market we have provided a research, interview and computation for you ...
Aquabest is the premier water franchising concept of G.Q.W.E.ST. Inc. Its fast growing network of water refilling stations is continuing its nationwide expansion and has been recognized for franchising excellence numerous times by Industry bodies and Entrepreneur Magazine.
The Tanwig and Reverse Osmosis technology help eradicate almost all bacterial, chemical, and viral contaminants in the water, while the Grander Technology restructures the water to make it better and healthier.

To deliver the best water treatment service our
customer's need providing QUALITY, SERVICE, VALUE and TECHNOLOGY.

We envision for our flagship brand, an
AQUABEST water store in every town, an AQUABEST
in every household.

P 200,000 (Franchise Fee) ,
P 200,000 (Equipment) ,
P 200,000 (Amortization)
Low and fixed Monthly dues and advertising fee of P9,000.00 per month
thank you!
Despite all the recognition however we refuse to rest on our service, we will continue to find ways to innovate and find ways to serve you better.

Business Plan
The program allow us to constantly engage and interact with our customers to ensure continued patronage and to further promote the brand
Advertisement , Internet marketing, and tarpaulins.
Mark of Excellence
Aquabest received different awards in Entrepreneur Philippines magazine's annual Franchise Awards.
franchisees go through business operations training, are periodically visited and graded, provided promotional materials such as tarpaulins, and receive text blasts about updates through an improved communication system.
Aquabest continues its growth due to unprecedented opportunities that have allowed the business to incorporate an expanded market in increase service offerings of their water supply.
To provide a venue where people discover their
skills and talents and to be able to utilize them fully for
their own welfare and the continuous improvement of water quality.

Aquali Pure Water
Systems and Equipment, Inc.’s
vision is to provide cleaner, better air and waters in the Philippines by becoming the leading wholesale air and water equipment provider as well as to sustain micro and small-scaled businesses and to become a household name for their alkaline water ionizers and air purifiers.
AqualiPure Water Systems and Equipment, Inc. is established since 2001. And 1,400 branches nationwide. Bottling Plant Equipment, high-quality Reverse Osmosis parts and components, water filters, Ionized Alkaline Machines and Ice Makers for water refilling stations, schools, hospitals, commercial, and industrial applications. Geared towards excellence to provide you, our most valued clients, with superior quality water systems and equipment at very affordable prices without ever sacrificing quality.

To convert our own and our members/ franchisees’ resources and assets into capital and cash flows in a profitable, innovative, equitable and sustainable manner. Our profitability will establish our similarity with other companies in the water improvement industry. But our commitment to innovation, equity and sustainability will establish our radical difference from them and also to provide affordable Purified Drinking Water.
To be the country’s premier provider of world class drinking water geared towards globalization, delivering excellent products and services; equipped with competent professionals imbued with dedication and integrity.
In 1997, Solerex ventured into the water refilling stations business. Utilizing its expertise and supplier channels in reverse osmosis, water filtration, and purification systems, the Company was able to offer the market superior equipment at a relatively low cost.
Ms. Lorna Tolentino became the endorser and franchise holder of Crystal Clear Water Refilling Station (WRS).After three years in the business, Crystal Clear franchise network expanded to 150 stores. By the year 2003, SWTI and Crystal Clear’s President, Mr. Jose Antonio Soler received the award as One of the Top Ten Entrepreneur of the Year by the Entrepreneur Magazine.
24-28 stage Water Purification with Reverse Osmosis Machine
Training support of personnel
Automated operation system
Marketing Support and Advertising Support
Free Store check ups

Free Use of Non-corrosive, Cabinet type Panaflex Photographic Signage (3 Ft by 6 Ft) and Double Face(3 x 4 Ft) Aluminum frame and powder coated worth P 21,000.00
Free Lifetime Membrane Cleaning Service (pay only for chemicals and transpo)
Free Store Design and Lay Out•Free Aquabest Jingle CD
Free Grand Opening Day support (Balloons and Sound System)

Free in-house financing ( Zero interests) up to 60 months for Metro Manila franchisees.
Phase 1-A Block 28 Lot 2 Apahap Street.,Kaularan Village Barangay NBBS., Navotas City
Henry H. Sarno
Contact No:
30 sq. meter
Price for Rental:
P 15,000
Commercial near in Navotas Polytechnic College, Clinic, School Supply Stores, Eatery and Agora Market

PHASE 1 A 540 units x 7 = 3, 800population
PHASE 1 B 684 units x 5 = 3, 420 population
PHASE 1 C 515 units x 7 = 3,605 population
TOTAL POPULATION : 10,825 population (1,739 units)

Products and Selling Price

5 gallons-
refill P 35.00 (w/ bottle P 200.00)
4 liters -
refill P 15.00 (with bottle P 57.00)
3 liters -
refill P 13.00 (with bottle P 50.00)
1 liter-
P15.00 w/bottle
500 ml-
P 10.00 w/bottle
350 ml-
P 8.00 w/bottle

1,500 population X spend 7 pesos per day in a buying water = P 10,500 (daily sales)
P 10,500 X 30 days = P 315,000

Labor Cost =
240 per day X 30 = P 7,200.00
= P 7,200.00 X 4 employees =P 28,800.00
Maintenance & Miscellaneous =
P 9,000 fix
Fuel Cost =
0.2 x 1500 gallon = P 300 per day X 30days = P 9,000 per month
Electricity =

P 20,000

264 gallon @ 40 % = 105.2 gallons actual production
P 60.00/ 105 gallons = 0.60 per gallon
Water at 40% Recovery Rate =
P 0.60 X 15OO gallons = P 900 X 30days = P 27,000

P 60.00 per cubic meter - industrial rate
1 cubic meter is equivalent to 264 gallons
Less: 60 % waste water

Financial Statement
Revenue =
P 315,000 X 12 months = P 3,780,000.00 per year
Cost of Goods Sold =
20 % (interest is 80%)
= P 3,780,000 X 0.20 = P 756,000.00
Administrative Expense =
P 108,800 X 12 months = P 1,305,600.00
Depreciation Expense =
P 600,000 / 3years term = P 200,000.00
Taxes =
P 1,518,400.00X 18% = P 273,12.00

> Forecasted Projected Cash Flow
P 1,445,088.00

> Opportunity Cost 2 %

> Discounting
PV =P 1,445,088.00( 1/(1+0.2))3
= P 1,445,088.00÷1.0612
PV= P 1,361,748.96
> NPV=PV-Required

= P 1,361,748.96 - P 600,000
NPV = P 761,748.96
Decision: Go with Aquabest Water Refilling Station Franchising.
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