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Copy of Happy Holidays- A Reusable Prezi Greeting Card

No description

Aprill Ann Dickerson

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Happy Holidays- A Reusable Prezi Greeting Card

Merry Christmas! Love, Kat & Aprill Ann Summer Fall 2012 A Christmas Prezi With Love from Aprill Ann & Kat Merry Christmas! Thank you for being so special to us... Our Rat Terriers, Beatrice, Telulah Belle, and Bonnie We rescued a litter of puppies who had parvo. Two lived. This is Buddy! I bought a Jeep in January My foster cat Gloria found a forever home (middle) Uncle David made it through Brain Surgery on a tumor. We spent a lot of time at the hosptial with him. Kat had a party with friends Kat got a second ear piercing for her birthday Spring Kat loves her Papaw My students at school threw a really nice party Hot Air Balloon Races Birthday with Sissy Mom's Blueberry Pie Kat's Archery Vacation in Galveston Trip to the Cliffs Buddy grew... ...and grew Sissy and I went to the lake in Hawkins We volunteered at pet adoptions We celebrated Pappa's Birthday Rodeo with Sissy reminded my work is important walked our dogs Began weights gym sent shoes to Susanne sweet school kids Back to school for us both Andrew was born Rescued Tiger Baby and sisters from inside the wall at LHS Adopted! Rescued Velvet Marching Band Season! Thanksgiving in Canton with Happy Got my first running shoes! Bonnie went missing :( Cheddar was rescued and adopted! My brother married his sweetheart <3 Happy! Winter Michelle Married Rico Humane Society volunteer work Aquarium/Holocaust Museum Mom & Dad danced! Fall sunsets at Mom and Dad's My Zinnas almost made it to December I have a wonderful daughter No more twinkies... I love my dogs Pet advocacy Nice message nice message Resolution: love more All Year Long Crisis center advocacy And Deviled Eggs... And Pumpkin Bread! Such is life... We love you Peter, Susane, Rosa, and Julian! We love you Almut, Christoph, Jakob, and Johann! We love you Anke & Family! We love you Hanna! Feliz Navidad Job! Galveston Vacation! Lenox was born! Zombie Couple for Halloween Twins! Love! The Jeep got cold! Merry Christmas, even if you're not in the UK
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