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Symbiosis Between Mistletoe And A Tree

No description

Wade Sumner

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Symbiosis Between Mistletoe And A Tree

Symbiosis Between Mistletoe & A Tree Symbiosis In this case the mistletoe is the parasite and the tree is the host. Mutualism If the relationship is competitive, it means that only one organism gains something. The organism that gains something is called the parasite. You think the mistletoe is a happy Christmas time plant don't you? The organism that is harmed is called the host. If the relationship is competitive the parasite eventually kills the host. Here is an example of how the mistletoe lives: Even though mistletoe is often thought of as a cheery plant, it is actually quite deadly to other plants. By: Wade Sumner and Ezlie Perez Symbiosis is a relationship in which two different organisms live in close association with each other. The organisms can both be benefited and the other will be unaffected. Or one organism will benefit and the other will be harmed. Its actually a nutrient sucking parasite that surrounds and then kills whatever tree it grows on. The End
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