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Autum Schumer

on 30 September 2013

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What was the supposed spark that initiated this violence?

German officials said that Kristallnacht had become about from the assassination of Ernst Vom Rath, a German embassy. He was shot by a 17-year-old Jew on November 7, 1938, said by United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC
After Kristallnacht, what happened to many Jews.
After Kristallnacht, many Jews were treated even more violent. Germany basically wiped out the all of the Jewish communities. Over a million Jews were killed. Holland citizens offered support and let the Jews hide from Germany, many of the Jews were sent on boats to Switzerland by Holland citizens. Most Jews though were killed or in consecration camps.
It was the first act of violence against Jews. It signaled the beginning of the end for the end of the Jews of Nazi Europe. It started to happen in 1936-1938. By 1936, Jews were prohibited from participation in parliamentary elections. They also made signs that read, "Jews Not Welcome", it appeared in many German cities.
What is a "Pogrom"?
A pogrom is Russian word for devastation. The people that were against Jews were beating Jews and destroying there property.
Interesting Facts
*Before Kristallnacht nazi policies were considered to be non violent.
* The Nazis held the Jewish community responsible for the damage and fined them $400 million, according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

What was the role of police on this night.
The role of the police was to arrest any and every Jew they can and to not interfere with the violence.
The word pogrom means a designated attack of destruction against one race to another. Stated by the Jewish virtual library.
Adolf Hitler
*According to the Jewish Virtual Library, Hitler was a great leader but was the founder and leader of the nazi party and organized the execution of the Holocaust
Heinrich Himmler
* Second most powerful man in Germany being the leader of the SS from 1929 to 1954.
Fascist Party
The fascist party is a government system led by a dictator having complete power. They also emphasized an aggressive and nationalism and often racism.
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