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Karate Kid a Great Movie

No description

Isabel Ramos

on 1 June 2014

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Transcript of Karate Kid a Great Movie

like and didn't like!
Lessons Learned
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You should never ever ever fight with some technique that is not supposed to be used for fighting. You should only use fighting techniques for defense and not for fighting innocents.
A handyman/martial arts master agrees to teach a bullied boy karate and shows him that there is more to the martial art than fighting.
We love the couple Daniel and the girl. We didn't like the fact that Daniel got beat up by the other boys that did know karate. We love how confused he was when Mr.Misagi told him to do all the things that he in fact though that they did not have anything to do with karate.
all the actors did a good performance in the movie eve though I do not like the antagonists they did a great job doing their part. I love the protagonists in the movie they did a very very good performance.
We just watched the movie and we will love to give an opinion about it. It is the common story about a high school boy being bothered at school so he gets tired and stands up for himself with help of course.
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By: Isabel Ramos and Ester Jimenez-Ward
Karate Kid a Great Movie

japanese and movie geeks. 13 and over, not 12 and down. The rating is PG.it is a great movie.

We give this movie a ***** out of *****
About Us
Isabel: I'm from Honduras, 13 year old, freshman to be, I play softball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, I also love horse riding. I love to draw, swim, go shopping, watch TV, and sleep.

Estell: My school level is 7th grade, sports I play are softball, volleyball, basketball, watch, tv and sleep.
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