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principles of interactive media authoring, purpose

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daniel smith

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of principles of interactive media authoring, purpose

principles of interactive media authoring
entertainment, games, virtual reality and simulation
interactive media products can also be used for entertainment purposes such as video games and simulation software. there are many examples of this with video games such as grand theft auto and call of duty being sold for consoles all over the world. There are also many pieces of simulation software available around the world such as train simulator and flight simulator.
education, training and assessment
another purpose of an interactive media product could be to assess the users progress or to educate the user about a certain topic. an example of this could be a program that is designed to help users pass their driving tests. this will include a section designed to educate the user and a mock theory exam to assess the users progress.
marketing, promotional and advertisement.
there can be many purposes of an interactive media product. the first one could be a business creating a product to help promote themselves, an example of this could be facebook creating a mobile app to allow mobile users to access the service. this would mean that facebook can now advertise that it can be accessed from anywhere since mobile users can access mobile data networks such as 3G. other businesses can also use this app to advertise themselves so that facebook increases its ad revenue
purpose of interactive products
journalism and information
finally interactive media products are sometimes used for journalism and to share information with the public, an example of this would be the metro newspaper app which gives people free access to news articles that are in their paper.
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