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SWOT Analysis

No description

Ashka O'Dedra

on 13 December 2014

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis

Craft Retail Induction
Balance and resilience

Strong non clothing categories of Footwear and accessories

Successful Multi Channel Strategy

Consumer Control

Core Brand - Good price architecture
Investing in the male market

In-store shopping environment is important.

Good customer service

Important to be innovative

Become a retail destination

Provide a customer experience

Keeping up to date with new trends

Remembering the needs of the consumer

Economic Climate
Less disposable income, consumers want quality goods in the UK.

Ethical Issues
Continuously in and out of the spotlight.

Increased pressure on overseas sourcing.

Right Product, Right Country

Channel shift between stores and online business

Developing E-commerce

More ways to Browse, Discover and Buy for the consumer.

240 stores across 28 countries to reach out to

Potential for further globalisation of the brand
Constant threat of new entries and competitors.

Price wars with competitors.

Global Retailer
Exposed to political problems in countries you operate in.
Limited promotion on social media outlets

Digital platforms are contributing to the rise in Menswear sales.

Men increasingly use the internet to browse and buy clothes.

Inconsistency to best selling product online and in store.

Somewhat vague target market

Focus on Casualwear not Formalwear
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