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Fraternity & Sorority Officer Training

No description

Kimberly Mones

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Fraternity & Sorority Officer Training

Fraternity & Sorority Officer Training 2015
Purpose of F&S Officer Training Day
Educate you about campus policies and expectations
Build your skills to lead your chapter effectively
Make you aware of F&S Life programs and opportunities for continued development
Allow you to meet others in your leadership role in order to network and improve collaborative efforts
Recognition Types & Benefits
Full Recognition - Accords all rights, privileges, obligations, and University resources.

Provisional Recognition - Provides approval for a specific period of time with full recognition benefits. Designed for expansion efforts.

Petitioning & Applicant Recognition - Provides approval for a specific period of time with all University benefits, but limited IFSC benefits.

Probationary Recognition - Conditional withdrawal of services or benefits and/or application of specific sanction by the University.
Maintenance of Recognition
Complete the University's club & organization registration process
Complete required paperwork in a timely manner (roster, new member orientation, event planning, etc.)
Maintain a minimum organizational semester GPA of 2.5 and an active roster of at least 5 members and 10 members for organizations at Petitioning or Applicant status
Participate in the Five Star Standards Program and maintain a minimum 3 star rating
Participate in the F&S governance system - IFSC
Abide by University rules & regulations and all local, state, and federal laws
Practice sound financial management
Change in Recognition Status
Minimum Number - Organizations will be placed on "Membership Probation" and will create a plan to increase membership, 2 semesters to meet the minimum

Academic Status - Academic Warning with improvement plan, Academic Probation with loss of privileges

Five Star Standards Program - First Year creates an Action Plan, Second Year has action plan and regular meetings, Third Year is loss of recognition

All Other Status Changes - Will be placed on temporary suspension and sanction will be determined by IFSC Judicial Board or University Community Standards & Department of Student Activities depending on accussed violation
Fraternal Futures
Fraternal Edge (On Hold)
F&S President's Retreat
Leadership in the Fraternal Movement
NGLA Conference
Order of Omega
Fraternal Professionals (NEW)
Yousuf Goni
Five Star Consultant
Please turn in your evaluation before you leave.
Submitting this evaluation proves your attendance.
Sixto Arias
Graduate Assistant for F&S Life
Graduated from Queens College with a BA in Pyschology & Sociology
Member of Gamma Omega Delta
Studying Higher Education Leadership @ SBU
Been at SBU since 2014
Leila Dastgheib- Beheshti
Marketing Intern
Member of Sigma Iota Sigma Sorority, Inc.
Oversees The Gavel & all F&S social media outlets
Karman Lam
Professional Development Intern
Member of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc.
Assists the professional development of the F&S community
Alexandra Morales
Programming Intern
Member of Lambda Theta Alpha
Oversees & assists with all programming efforts including Speaker Series, Officer Training, President's Retreat, & Awards Banquet
Online Resources
Event Planning
Step 1: Secure a space, request online through the Event Request Form on SBLife
Step 2: Meet with Student Activities to secure resources
Step 3: Follow up on tasks assigned during your meeting with Student Activities
Step 4: Host your event!
Step 5: Evaluate your event and report event numbers to Student Activities.
Step 6: Submit event verification form on FSL website for 5 Star tracking
SBLife Usage
Must be kept up to date. Please ensure that it accurate by the 3rd week of classes at the start of the semester and by the last day of classes at the end of the semester.
Roster Management
Event Advertisement
Document Storage
Post your flyer so all students can be notified about your events.
Store files so all members can see them.
Member of Sigma Beta Rho Fraternity Inc.
Consults organizations on how to obtain a five star ranking
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