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jackie robinson's hero's journey

No description

autumn mccown

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of jackie robinson's hero's journey

Jackie Robinson's hero's journey
general life story
born in 1919
1945: played his 1rst season in the negro baseball league
1947: joined the Brooklyn dodgers
1949: selected as the nl's most valuable player
1956: played his final game
1962: inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
Died in 1972
call to adventure
In 1947 Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers and broke the color barrier
The president of the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a spot on the Brooklyn Dodgers
supernatural aid
crossing the threshold
Jackie went to the Dodgers and was verbally and physically harmed
Branch Rickey, Rachel Isum
he was threatened, harmed,etc.his wife and Branch convinced him to stay
He won the Rookie of the Year award his first season and MVP in 1949
every white and black person is able to play baseball together and not worry bout people giving them a hard time about playing baseball with another race
He did what they said and broke the barrier
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