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BLM Youth Summit

Recap of our 2012 Youth Summits

Jacquelyn Elizarraraz

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of BLM Youth Summit

•Student Conservation Association (SCA)
•The O.A.R.S. Foundation
•The Urban League of Sacramento
•USDA-NRCS Lockeford Plant Materials Center
•American Camp Association (ASA)
•Community Action Partnership, San Bernardino (CAPs)
•College of the Desert, Applied Science Division
•City of Riverside, Parks Recreation and Community Services
•UC Riverside
•Creative Before and After School Programs for Success
•California Department of Education , California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC)
•Friends of Big Morongo Canyon Preserve
•Friends of the Desert Mountains
•Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council
•Green Tech
•James O. Jessie Dessert Highland Unity Center
•Leave no Trace, San Gorgonio Girl Scout Council
•Los Angeles Conservation Corps

•American Conservation Experience (ACE)
•Americorps NCCC
•Audubon Center and Sanctuary
•Bay Area Wilderness Training
•Big City Mountaineers
•Blacks in Government
•California State Parks
•California Conservation Corps (CCC)
•Central California Consortium
•Conservation Corps North Bay
•Cosumnes River College
•Cosumnes River Preserve
•Crissy Field Center
•CSU Chico
•CSU Sacramento, College Assistance
Migrant Program (CAMP)
•Fish and Wildlife Service
•Foundation for Youth Investment
•Great Basin Institute
•Lassen Land and Trail Trust
•Lockeford Plant Materials Center
•Our Youth Alive!
•Outdoor Afro
•Outdoor Educators Institute
•Pacific Crest Trail
•Sierra Club
•St. Paul Baptist Church
Take-away Messages from Youth Panelists
Youth Panelists Share their Perspectives
“There are over 11 million youth that we can engage. There might be a Teddy Roosevelt amongst them”
Summit Participants
“Ten years later, I still can’t find words to describe the first moment I saw mountains rising up from the valley... Watching bison, seeing a sky full of stars, and hiking through that scenery was overwhelming.

“I started to worry about Ph balance and when was the best time for me to water my jalapeños.”

“At the end of the day, I do this to help my family”
Youth Summit Framework
Youth Program Success
Palm Springs
“Believe me, mosquitoes don't care about the color of your skin”

“Why diversity matters. 1 in 4 children under 18 are Latino.”

“Nature starts at home”
"Public Lands, Public Speaking"

Students from Chico State, University become Public Lands Ambassadors
1 week National Monument Field School
Students plan and give National Monument themed talks to elementary age youth
Sponsors and hosts include: BLM, Coachella Valley Ed. Foundation, Chico State University
•CSU, Bakersfield CAMP students
•Student hires: Science Tech, Petro Engineer Tech, and GIS Tech
•This Program is 1 of 12+ BLM Bakersfield educational partnerships

•Engage: Inter-agency Outreach, On-site Overnights
•Educate: Coastal, Plains, Foothills
•Employ: Fire, Science, Energy
BLM California will
youth about the importance of natural resources
youth in experiences that will provide job skills and appreciation of natural resources
youth in natural resource careers
What is great about working in Natural Resources

“I love being able to see the tangible results of my work.”

“Outside, under the stars, that’s where I decided I wanted to be and work outside.”

“I am so proud of the work BLM does.”
Youth need:

mentors with similar backgrounds

multiple outdoor experiences

long-term employment opportunities in natural resources career fields

information about opportunities
In 2011, 16% of BLM CA workforce was eligible for retirement

By 2017, the percentage will increase to 33%
BLM CA Statistics
In 2020, CA population estimates:
41% Hispanic
13% Asian
5% African American
BLM is strengthening efforts to diversify its workforce to incorporate under-represented perspectives, ideas, and skills

This helps BLM better reflect the diversity of the Nation it serves
Tracy Albrecht
Cathi Bailey
Dennis Benson
Mark Conley
Jacquelyn Elizarraraz
Gabe Garcia
Joy Gipson-Taylor
Joshua Hammari
Sara Kaner
Dr. Emilyn Sheffield
Deena Wilson
Planning Team
Challenges of working in natural resources
It's tough to overcome stereotypes, (ie. gender, ethnicity, race, ability, interest age)

Finding employment
Juan Martinez
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Emilyn Sheffield

Opening Remarks:
James Kenna, BLM State Director

Keynote Speaker:
Juan Martinez

Panelists and Table Hosts:
Youth from public, private, and nonprofit organizations
National Parks and Conservation Association
National Park Service, Pacific West Region Youth Program
Riverside Metropolitan Museum
Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument
Sierra Club’s Inner City Outings, Los Angeles Group
Southern California Consortium
The Farmworker Institute of Education and Leadership Development (FIELD)
The Living Desert
The Nature Conservancy
The Wildlands Conservancy
US Forest Service
Bureau of Land Management
Call to Action
Summit Agenda (highlights)
Youth Panel
Program Share
Keynote Speaker
Helping Each Other
BLM Youth Programs
Summit Locations
Southern Summit:
Riverside, CA

Northern Summit:
Sacramento, CA
Jim Kenna
Greater Goal:
Incorporate under-represented perspectives, ideas, and skills into BLM framework
Tedx speech:

Juan Martinez, The New Nature Movement
State Director
Social Media
"To reach more youth, we need to bring outdoor opportunities to them, meet them where they are. Look outside traditional partners."
"This summit was important. What's more important is what happens away from the table."
(Watch video to learn more about Juan's story)
The Youth Summit
The Youth Summit fits into BLM CA's strategy
The 3 E's of
the BLM CA Youth Initiative
Youth Summit updates were posted on:
Youth Panel Highlights Video
This video highlights Mr. Kenna's opening remarks
Juan delivered many valuable messages...
Learn more about BLM youth programs at:
We would
like to highlight
your recent partnerships or
organizational actions
to support under-served

your organization’s name,
a brief description of the project or partnership you have developed, and details about the youth you are working with to skaner@blm.gov
We look forward to
sharing your success with
our e-newsletter subscribers!
"First Gen, Next Gen"
example 1
example 2
Goal of the Youth Summit:
To strengthen and expand partnerships that link under-served youth to their California landscape legacy
The summit had a special focus on youth from racially and ethnically diverse backgrounds, low-income youth, veterans, or girls and young women.
BLM's effort to diversify its workforce begins with connecting youth to public lands
Moving Forward -
Big Ideas from the Youth Summits
Overarching ideas for expanding opportunities for youth include:
Build Bridges
Strengthen communication networks for youth and youth serving organizations
Grow Capacity
Continue and expand partnerships and resources to serve youth
Develop the Next Generation of Conservationists
Educate, engage, and employ youth and families
12 action items
were developed to complement and fulfill
the overarching 'big ideas'
Please email
Participants brainstorm ideas
Northern California Conference
Dr. Emilyn Sheffield greets the conference guests
Participants share innovative ways to work with youth
Groups report back how to leverage their strengths to better serve youth
Participants working together
Southern California Conference
Full transcript