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3rd Grade Lesson 8

2nd Semester 2013

Jason Davis

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of 3rd Grade Lesson 8

Lesson 8: Boomerang on Us
Idioms of the Day:
#1: dot the i's and cross the t's
Idioms of the Day:
#2: "strike while the iron is hot"
Idioms of the Day:
#3: "actions speak louder than words"
A: Have you ever...?
B: Yes, I have./No, I haven't.
A: Tell me about it.
B: W?/W?/W?/W?/W?/H?
All of this will be here...online :)

No prints this time :)
Definition: to do some action when it is the perfect time
Building a house during rainy season isn't smart. It is best to strike while the iron is hot during the summer.
I am ready to start learning a new language. I have all of the proper materials and have made a study schedule. I should strike while the iron is hot.
Definition: to check something that you have completed or will complete.
Before I submit my homework, I always dot the i's and cross the t's.
My boss doesn't like mistakes. He always reminds me to dot my i's and cross my t's.
Definition: to actually do something instead of saying that you will do something.
My teacher doesn't like promises. He believes that actions speak louder than words.
If you always promise to do something without doing it then your actions don't speak louder than your words.
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