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Articles of Confederation

No description

Angela Brazell

on 14 July 2017

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Transcript of Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation
Georgia Constitution of 1777

SS8H3 Analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolutionary Era.

d. Analyze the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and explain how those weaknesses led to the writing of a new federal constitution.

Essential Question
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and
why was the decision made to write a new document rather than revise them?

Georgia Constitution of 1777
~ document similar to the Articles of Confederation
~ was not a constitution able to govern the new state well
~ lasted for 12 years
~ Georgia’s second constitution (1789) resembled the U.S.


1. 3 branches of government
2. gave citizens; freedom of press and religion
3. citizens had trial by jury


1. legislative branch had only 1 house (unicameral)
2. unicameral legislation very powerful; it appointed judges (judicial branch)
and governor (executive branch)
3. governor very weak; could only serve for one year

Today's Agenda
Open: BrainPop "U.S. Constitution"

Work ~ Prezi Notes
Session: ~ Video Logs
~ Comparison Chart

Closing: BrainPop "Bill of Rights"
The End of the Articles of Confederation

~ Founders realized that the Articles of Confederation made
the federal government too weak and the states too strong
~ The states needed a stronger federal government to guard
against attack from European powers and Native Americans
~ Federal government could not control bickering between the
states (many disagreements between the states almost
turned into violent battles)
~ Since the national government could not raise revenue, the
U.S. had no money to maintain an Army or Navy or to build
roads and canals
~ U.S. government could not pass many laws because all 13
states had to agree on any legislation
~ There was no U.S. executive or judicial branches under the

Georgia's Signers of the Declaration of Independence

w and Abraham


Men Signed the DOI"
Georgia’s Role at the Constitutional Convention
~ Signers from Georgia: Abraham Baldwin and William Few
~ pushed to count slaves as “3/5 of a person” so South would
have greater power in Congress (this was the start of a
divided North and South which would lead to Civil War)

Abraham Baldwin
~ Moved to Georgia after Revolution; became a politician
~ U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator
~ Sided with “small states” in Congressional Representation
debate to pass the “Great Compromise”
~ First president of the University of Georgia

William Few
~ Fought in the American Revolution; served as a U.S. Senator
and Representative
~ Lived out his later years as a New York politician and banker
~ His remains were returned to Georgia in 1976

SS8H3 Analyze the role of Georgia in the American Revolution Era.

d. Analyze the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and explain how those weaknesses led to the writing of a new federal constitution.
The Constitutional Convention of 1787
~ Political leaders from all 13 states meet to discard the AOC
and create a new constitution

Three-fifths Compromise
~ Southern states wanted to count their enslaved population
towards representation in Congress (even though these
people had no rights)
~ Northern states allowed slaves to be counted as “3/5 of a
person”; so the South would agree to the Constitution but
their power in Congress would be limited

Great Compromise; Equal Representation For Large & Small
~ created a bicameral legislation (2 houses in Congress)
~ Senate: 2 members from each state
~ House of Representatives: number of members based on
each state’s population

Essential Question
How did past experience of the patriots with England's monarchy influence their
decisions regarding a new form of government?

Essential Question
What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation and
why was the decision made to write a new document rather than revise them?

Bell Ringers
1) Who won the Battle of Kettle Creek and why was it important?

2) Who won the Siege of Savannah and why was it important?
Today's Agenda
Open: ~ Articles of Confederation Boom Boom Pow

Work Session: ~ Interactive Prezi Notes
~ Shays' Rebellion Video

Close: ~ Weaknesses of the AOC Discussion
Articles of Confederation
The colonies have won their freedom, now what?
~ The 13 colonies became 13 independent states
~ They do not want to be ruled like before
(being controlled by an oppressive king with
the people having no voice)
~ They create a weak central government
~ The states and the people keep most of the
~ 1776-1789
~ Our Nation's First Set of Laws
~ More like an agreement of "friendship" among the
~ The individual states formed a "confederation"
but the states maintained their individual power

Under the AOC the National Government Could:
1. Declare War
2. Coin Money (states can also coin their own money)
3. Establish post offices
4. Send and Recall Ambassadors (federal officials who
represent our nation when visiting other countries on
government business)
The Articles of Confederation
What does the term "confederation" mean?
What are the 3 branches of government?
Under the AOC the National Government Could Not:
~ Impose taxes to fund national government (had to
get the states' permission first)
~ Could not regulate trade between states (states
began to put tariffs on each other creating
problems with the overall economy)

Weaknesses of the AOC:
1. Had legislative branch (congress) but no executive
(president) or judicial (Supreme Court)
2. All 13 states had to approve national laws
3. Each state had only 1 vote regardless of the
state's population (older states with larger
populations did not feel they were accurately


Why did the "Founding Fathers" create a weak central (federal) government in the Articles of Confederation?

Why could the federal government not help the Massachusetts state government to end Shays' Rebellion?

What do you think should have been included
in the Articles of Confederation?

Bell Ringers
1) Why did the founding fathers create a weak central government with the Articles of Confederation?

2) Identify 2 problems regarding the Articles of Confederation.
The Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

~ After the American Revolution, recession is occurring while
the value of money is dropping
~ Rebellion has once again sparked in Massachusetts
~ Daniel Shays led a revolt against farm foreclosures. He shut
down debtors courts which took farmers' land and sentenced
them to debtors prison until the debt was paid
~ The state of Massachusetts asked the national government
for help in putting down the rebellion
~ The national government could not help because the AOC
did not allow the national government to get involved in
states' issues

BrainPop Video

"U.S. Constitution"

Record 2 facts in your video log
Video Log

"Georgia and the U.S. Constitution"

Record 2 facts in your video log
Video Log

"Abraham Baldwin"

Record 2 facts in your video log
Closing: BrainPop
"Bill of Rights"

Use your notes to complete the
"Articles of Confederation and U.S. Constitution Review"
Shays' Rebellion
Record at least 10 facts
Answer the following question:
Why did the Articles of Confederation fail?
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