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Ice Hockey Equipments Timeline

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sukhpreet deol

on 24 October 2017

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Transcript of Ice Hockey Equipments Timeline


Ice Hockey Equipment Timeline
Hockey Boots - 1912
Hockey Boots in 1912 were for about $2.00 - $4.00/pair. Even sneakers would be about $2.50. The highest price of a shoe pair in 1912 would be about $5.00.
Goal Tender Stick - 1915
The Hockey sticks original shape and size stayed the same and still hasn't changed. In 1915 the bottom of the stick got wider on both sides to help the hockey players get the ball easier.
Elbow Pads - 1920
Elbow pads were invented because Ice Hockey became a very rough game. Players were getting injured on thick ice while playing. The elbow pads were made of a material called "neoprene" which is a very thick cloth material that protects areas like the elbow and knee when falling. Athletes today still use elbow pads made out of neoprene in Ice Hockey.
Velox Skates - 1930
Velox Skates were the highest grade skates in 1930. The skates had a metal band on the ankle that helped the players get the ball faster with force. They were highly tempered which made them light in weight and very fast.
Shoulder Pads and Body Pads - 1940
In 1940, Shoulder pads and body pads were invented for ice hockey players because of how many injuries were occurring during game and practices. Players would shove and push each other which made some players injure there shoulders, arms, ankles and backs. The shoulder pads were meant for the defense men since they would get hurt the most during the game. The body pads were called "Loin Pads" made out of saddle felt.
Face Mask - 1960
The face mask was invented in the 1960s. They were made for the goalies because the face injuries started to occur too. While players would shoot the ball the goalies would get hit in the face by the ball trying to stop it to score. The goalies would have broke noses and bruises their faces by the ball.
Cuffs on Gloves - 1988
The cuffs on the gloves just cut off the wrist where the glove would be. The cuffs on the gloves were used by NHL players by the early 1990s. The glove was smaller with the cuff on and didn't feel heavy for the players to put on which made it easier for them to hold the hockey stick and score easier. At this time they made the elbow pads longer for more safety and by the 90s less injuries would occur by the players while playing and practicing.
Uniform Change - 2007
The entire hockey uniform changed by 2007. NHL collaborated with the company Reebok. The new design enhanced the players performances and increased their protection and safety. The new fabrics and materials in the body pads and shirts were lighter and kept the players from sweating less.
Ice Hockey's History
Ice hockey was developed in Canada, most notably in Montreal. In Montreal the first indoor hockey game was played on March 3rd, 1875. Some of the rules haven't changed since then, the length of the ice rink and the use of the puck have been retained to this day. Hockey never originally start on the ice, it was played on concrete floor with a hurley (stick) and a square wooden block instead of a ball. The name "Hockey" was first pronounced "Hoquet" which was a french word. By the late 1800s Ice hockey competed with Lacrosse as Canada's most popular sport. The (NHL), which became the world's foremost professional hockey league. In 1924 the first U.S. team, the Boston Bruins, joined the NHL. Women played hockey for over 100 years though hockey was considered a male sport. The first all - female game was in Barrie, Ontario Canada, In 1892.
Players that got injured while playing the game
Sidney Crosby:
Joffery Lupal:
One of Sidney's concussions happened in January 2011, when he got pushed on the side of the rink by another player and he broke his shoulder, arm and injured his neck and head badly
Joffery Lupal got injured on October 21, 2017 and he got injured on his shoulders. He has been on the long - term recovering list for the past 2 seasons and hasn't played since his injury occurred.
How to avoid getting injured while playing Ice Hockey
One way you can avoid getting injured is to check if your equipment is not broken and has been tested for you own safety. Another way to avoid injuries is to rest until you have fully recovered your previous injury if you already have been injured.
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