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Twitter for Education: It's Not About Your Ham Sandwich

What tools and techniques can digital writing and publication take in the Web 2.0 world? All tools showcased are FREE.

Amy Mayer

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Twitter for Education: It's Not About Your Ham Sandwich

Language Arts
Collaborative Notes
QR Code Guide
Evaluation of Presentation
Twitter Terminology
Twitter Resources for "Dumb Phones"
Tweet (noun/verb)


Hashtag: #

Mention: @

Direct Message:
d or DM

Retweet: (noun/verb)

URL Shortener

Username: (handle)

SMS (Dumb Phone) Commands Guide
Twitter in Social Studies
Twitter Tools
Our Twitter Hashtags:
Blog Post: http://goo.gl/G0Hxm
Twitter Lite: Get Started with Twitter
aka "Lurk"
Geographic Visualization of Twitter: http://twittervision.com/
Basic Twitter Search: http://twitter.com/search
Build Your Own Custom Twitter Search
Education Related Hashtags:
Get Customer Service
Teach Academic Integrity
Apply a Theme or Choose a Background Image
Select a Profile Picture
Twitter Parts
Amy Mayer
Get an Account
Choose a handle:
Today's Meet:http://www.todaysmeet.com
Our Today's Meet: http://www.todaysmeet.com/cisdtwtr
How to install a
Twitter Background:
How to install a Free Twitter Background

Find a background image you want to use online
Click on the image to get the full-sized version
Right-click on the image
Click "Save Picture As"
Save the picture to your computer
In your Twitter account, click on Settings
Click "Design"
Click "Change background image" then "Choose File"
Click the Browse button to find the image on your computer
Click "tile background" if you want the image to repeat
Click "Save Changes"
URL Shorteners:
Twitter Activities:
Use serveral different services to search Twitter

Choose a Twitter handle and create your account

Add a theme and profile picture to your account

Tweet a Link

Create a Tweet that uses a hashtag

Use a Twitter Tool to view Tweets with hashtags

Follow several people in your session

Mention someone in your session using the @ symbol

Direct message someone

Retweet something

Follow several Twitter "pros" whose Tweets interest you

Use Twitter to teach

Get Customer Service

Tie Twitter and Facebook together

Use cheap devices

Ask for donations

Hulu Plus XBox
Tweet questions and answers in class or out.
Realtime Tweets
Reenact historical event on Twitter "blow by blow." Divide class into teams (Brits vs Americans, Lexington and Concord)
Each student writes a concise definition of math vocab word
Mathletics: Class in three teams, each team Tweets answer, first correct team wins.
Link to homework explanation at Wolfram Alpha
Go to Twitter and work sample problem, get extra point on test
Homework collaboration/help, use hashtag to tie class together
Tweet a QR Code/picture
Tweet a fact about our mathemetician word of the week
Where in the "real world" would you see an isosceles triangle?
R.A.F.T. Writing with Twitter ELA:
Role: CCHS School Building
Audience: CCHS Students
Format: Tweet
Topic: Care & Maintenance for Building
R.A.F.T. Writing with Twitter Math:
Role: Number 0
Audience: Mr. Tims's Students
Format: Tweet
Topic: Why I'm useful
R.A.F.T. Writing with Twitter Social Studies:
Role: George Washington
Audience: Troops @ Valley Forge
Format: Tweet
Topic: Why we're crossing the Potomac at night
R.A.F.T. Writing with Twitter ELA:
Role: Huck Finn
Audience: Jim
Format: Tweet
Topic: Tell me what I need to survive the river
Teach connection between RT and citations
Retweet your students without acknowledging it. Show it off in class the next day and wait for the recations.
How do Twitter tools/terms equate to research skills
Tweet=quote or material (pic)
Hashtag=Name of Work, Topic
Visible Tweets: http://visibletweets.com
Our Visible Tweets: cisdtwtr
Another Tweet on the Wall:
post to multiple accounts
attach images, links, previews
Facebook Page vs.
Facebook User
Like Twitter:
Supercharge your "Dumb" phone
Ask for Donations:
iPod Touch
"Old"/Used iPhones without Sims are iPods
Twitter For Educators: It's Not About Your Ham Sandwich!
Twitter Now Shortens URLs for you,
but these are still pretty nifty
Each student writes a concise definition of science vocab word
Link to homework explanation at Wolfram Alpha
Go to Twitter and answer question to get an extra point on test
Homework collaboration/help, use hashtag to tie class together
Tweet a fact about our science word of the week
Tweet a QR Code/picture
R.A.F.T. Writing with Science:
Role: hydrogen atom
Audience: Mrs. Mayer's students
Format: Tweet
Topic: Why I'm the best
34 Ways to use Twitter in the Classroom http://goo.gl/DN8pd
Twitter Search in Plain English: http://goo.gl/4mh9V
Follow some Greats:
And Follow Me!
Top Ten Twitter Educators:
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