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Birthday gift for my Love

No description

Anna Morgan

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Birthday gift for my Love

Hello Birthday Boy! Although I'm far from you today, all my thoughts are with you now!
So happy you were born on this day!
So happy to have met you!
And this is what I thought would be my gift to you this year! Flying there so the last question is...
which weekend? Happy birthday my Ian!!! Train trip Wanna try our trains? Getting there faster and having more time to relax and explore the city... April 19-22
8hours trip. Leaving Kyiv on Friday night and coming back on Monday morning:
Kyiv - Lviv
22.40 - 06.32
Lviv - Kyiv
22.35 - 06.40 May 10-13 Please look at the several options I have prepared for you and let me know which option you fancy more. Accommodation In case of train trip we only have one night to stay. So I'm gonna spoil you by offering the nicest place in the city - Vintage Boutique Hotel.
Right in the old city center, with cute cozy rooms and own wine cellar. Time to explore the city This option gives us two kind of full days in the city and one night. That's enough to see the city center, some museums, one of the parks or an open air museum and have a nice relaxing night with live music.
Not to forget the numerous restaurants, cafes, chocolate shops... Flights The only itinerary available:
Getting there: Friday 19.35 - 20.40
Coming back: Monday 07.15 - 08.15 Accommodation In this case I'm offering you to stay in the modest but modern hotel located in the heart of old town - right at the central square.

"On the Square" Guesthouse recommended by TripAdvisor, has great reviews, nice website, cool view from the rooms and is in walking distance from major city attractions. Time in Lviv Flying there gives us 2 full days and 3 nights. Plenty of time to not only explore the old city, but also... May 17-20 Weekend trip to LVIV Let me invite you baby to spend one weekend in Lviv. I will take care of logistics, tickets, accommodation. And you will only have to enjoy and have fun! Enjoy sightseeing at night ...or check local opera... I hope that this made you interested and willing to go! Train trip Or even visit some castles outside Lviv So, my dearest birthday boy,
please choose
1/the weekend and 2/one of the options (train or plane).
I can't wait to hear your decision.
Happy birthday once again.
With love, Anya This time it'll still be like spring... This weekend would probably be the most busy because of bank holidays here this weekend it'll feel like summer already with trees in blossom...
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