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Britta Pollmuller

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of Research

...What sections to include and what to put in them

Title: Should convey the "issue," the approach, and the argument; needs to be catchy in order to "reel in" intoxicated passersby. [Maximum length: 1-2 lines.]

Abstract: Don't make your abstract long: aim for 50 words or less.

Introduction: Get your viewer interested about the issue or question while using the absolute minimum of background information and definitions; quickly place your issue in the context of published, primary literature; provide description and justification of your approach, and hint at why your study XYZ for such research... [Maximum length: approximately 250 words.]

Materials and methods: Briefly describe experimental work and methods, use figures and images to illustrate if possible; mention theories that were used and how they allowed you to undertake your research [Maximum length: approximately 250 words.]

Results: First, mention your work; in same paragraph, briefly describe qualitative and descriptive results; in second paragraph, begin presentation of (data) analysis that more specifically addresses the research; refer to supporting charts or images; [Maximum length: approximately 250 words, not counting figure legends.]

Conclusions: Remind (without sounding like you are reminding) the reader of your research and result, and quickly state whether your research/work is relevance of your findings to other published work; relevance to real artists/designers in the real world; [Maximum length: approximately 250 words.]

Literature cited:
[Maximum length: approximately 10 citations.]

Acknowledgments: Thank individuals for specific contributions to project [Maximum length: approximately 40 words.]

Further information: There will be people, hopefully, who want to know more about your research, and you can use this section to provide your e-mail address, your web site address, and perhaps a blog.
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