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Beauty and fashion during the heian period

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Grace ...

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Beauty and fashion during the heian period

Beauty and fashion during the heian period
A woman’s clothing was supposed to be elaborate and beautiful. A woman might wear as many as 12 items of clothing at the same time. In order for people to notice her while she would be riding in her carriage, a woman would dangle her arm out the window so people would see the beautiful colors of her clothing.
Women used white face powder to make them selves look very pale, they plucked all of their eyebrow hairs out and then painted them higher on their heads, and they painted small amounts of red on their cheeks and lips. The Japanese believed that white teeth were unattractive, so men and women would dye their teeth black.
One of the most popular types of japanese dresses for women was the kimono. A kimono is like a long, loose robe that is tied with a wide sash. Grace has a Japanese kimono that we will show you today.
Both men and women thought that grooming was very important. On men, tiny pointed beards were thought to be attractive. Women were supposed to grow their longer than they were tall.
Beauty and Fashion during the Heian Period was very important. The Japanese people treasured elegance and manners, and looking good was a big part of that. People who came from important families had to look the part. Beauty was even valued over more important traits like honesty and generosity.
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