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The Hero's Journey: Ice Age

No description

Ian Mckibben

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Hero's Journey: Ice Age

The Hero
In the movie "Ice Age", the main character "Manny" is the protagonist and is trying to return a lost child to its parents.
1: Unusual Birth or Childhood
Even though most heros have an unusual birth or childhood, this one did not. In "Ice Age", the main character "Manny" is a fairly normal mammoth and there is nothing unusual about his childhood.
2: Call To Adventure
Manny is "called to adventure" when he finds a lost child, and can't find its parents.
3: Crossing The Threshold
Manny crosses the threshold when he finally decides to go on a journey to find the baby's parents. He travels with the saber toothed tiger, Diego.
4: The Challenges
Some challenges along Manny's journey were when Sid the sloth was being attacked by two Brontops, but Manny saves Sid, and Sid decides to go with Manny
5: Supernatural Mentor or Helper
Some of the supernatural mentors or helpers are Diego the saber toothed tiger, Sid the sloth and the lost child. The lost child is a helper because it started the adventure and motivated them all.
True Freedom
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