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Thermodynamics Applications in Real life

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The"S"studios X

on 20 January 2014

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Transcript of Thermodynamics Applications in Real life

What is thermodynamics?
Applications in Real life
Thermodynamics Applications in Real life
The power of heater
Melting Point of Paraffin Wax
The constant temperature at which paraffin melts is 48 degree centigrade.
The specific latent heat of fusion of paraffin
Q = P*t
P = 60 watts
t = 420 seconds
Q = 60*420 = 25200 joules
L = Q/m = 25200/ 0.120 = 2.1*10^5 J/kg

The specific heat capacity of parafin
C = Q/m * change in time/ change in temperature
Change in Temperature = 10 degree Celsius
change in Time = 40 seconds
Q = 25200 Joules
m = .120 kg

C = 2.0 * 10^3 Joule/ kg K
Explain why the temperature of paraffin stays constant during melting
Parafin Wax question
A sample of 120g of solid paraffin initially at 20 degree Celsius is being heated by a heater of constant power. The specific heat capacity of solid paraffin is 2500 J/Kg K. The temperature of paraffin varies with the time shown:
P = m*c*(Delta)T/ Change in time
120g = 0.12 kg
c = 2500J/ kg K
Change in temperature = 28 K
Change in Time = 140 seconds
P = 60 watts

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