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Harry potter

and the sorcerer's of stone

Laiba Mahmood

on 26 May 2013

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Transcript of Harry potter

First, Voldemort killed Harry's parents and before they get murdered his mother begged for Harry to save his life. After Voldemort killed Harry's parents, he tried to kill Harry but he couldn't. And Harry escaped with one scar on his forehead. The End Harry Potter
And The
Sorcerer's Stone Photo album
made by
Laiba Mahmood Madam Hooch is teaching first lesson
of Quidditch An Erised Mirror Harry and Malfoy saw Voldemort in the forbidden forest drinking blood of unicorn. The Sorting Hat Fluffy The school of the Witchcraft and
Wizardry Hogwarts
Train Harry's house where he
lived with his uncle Dursley, aunt petunia
and with his cousin Dudley. Hogwarts Hermione
Ron It shows the deepest and
most desperate desire of
one's heart Headmaster of
the wizarding
school Hogwarts. The three-face dog
Fluffy guards the
entrance to the
Sorcerer's Stone. The
keeper of
the Hogwarts
keys. And he also
helped Harry to go
to the Hogwarts. This hat sorted
new students
of Hogwarts in
four different
houses. Harry's uncle, aunt and his cousin. Albus Dumbledore Harry in professor
Snape's potion
class. The captain of the
Gryffindor Quidditch Hagrid Harry's with his best friend Oliver Wood Voldemort An evil and
he also killed
Harry's parents The Sorcerer's Stone Harry rescued this stone
from Lord Voldemort,
who tried to steal it from
Hogwarts. Diagon Alley The place where Harry bought his books, magic wand, an owl, and other school stuff for Hogwarts and also saw the Nimbus two
thousand.( the magic
flying broom) At the end of the story Harry face Voldemort alone in the room. Voldemort who tried to stole the Sorcerers of stone from Harry but Harry safe it from him. A field for the Quidditch
game in the Hogwarts. Gryffindor team is going to play against Slytherin in
Qudditch playground. Slytherin Team Gryffindor Team Cousin Dudley Uncle Dursley Aunt Petunia Harry saw his parents
in this mirror. Professor Mcgonagall She was the
of Hogwarts Professor Snape He was the
master of
and charms. By J.K Rowling Train by which
Harry and other students
went to the
Hogwarts. (The main antagonist
of the story.) When new students came to the Hogwarts, they
placed in four different houses. Gryffindor
Slytherin Gryffindor won the cup at
the end of the school year
because of having more
points. Professor Quirrell He was the Muggle Studies
professor at Hogwarts Sometimes he tried to
steal Gringotts for Hogwarts. At the end of story,
Voldemort took over his
body. Harry potter The main character
of the story. Harry's parents.
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