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2014 HGEA 22nd Biennial

No description

Jodi Chai

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of 2014 HGEA 22nd Biennial

2014 HGEA 22nd Biennial
General Assembly

What is the General Assembly?
The union's highest governing body.
Provides opportunities for fellowship, education and developing solidarity among bargaining units and islands.

Delegates meet every two years

Delegation consists of ~500 HGEA members from all islands and all bargaining units
Revise charter and bylaws as necessary, establish union policies and programs
Review reports and issues relating to the union
Act on resolutions that guide the union and its officers
May 8 - 10, 2014
Hilton Waikoloa Village
Charter, Bylaws & Resolutions Committee
CBR Committee
Shall report all proposed amendments and resolutions referred to it to the General Assembly; but the committee can, if it wishes, report a proposal with no recommendation.
Ian Takashiba
Shall have the power to put proposed amendments and resolutions in proper form and ensure that amendments and resolutions relating to a specific subject will be offered in a logical sequence.
January 8 - Charter and Bylaw amendments (120 days before the General Assembly)

February 7 - General resolutions (90 days before the general assembly).

Important Deadlines:
Regular updates provided to staff
via meetings and on the OC
Staff Uniforms
Black HGEA polo shirt
Grey bottoms
Yellow/tan Reyn's shirt
Staff Information
- Online registration
- Delegate microsite & eBulletins

Core Values in action!
Previous General Assemblies
Business first ...
- Caucuses into the early morning
- No banquet
- Controversial and divisive issues
Hawaii Island Division Chief
Fun follows
Planning with General Assembly Committee has begun
See Julia to provide/update your shirt size
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