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Southeast Asia

No description

Jill Manning

on 21 June 2016

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Transcript of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia is having a big problem! There are infectious diseases that are being spread by misqutios, fleas and lice! Asia is having warmer weather due to global warming which is bringing more insects like misqutios, fleas and lice.
Southeast Asia
Infectious diseases are spread in three ways. The first way is person to person. The second way is from insects such as mosquitoes. The last way is from contaminated food and water.
There more diseases because after it rains there floods and it gets hotter. These areas are perfect for misquitoes to live and reproduce.
Why are there more insects?
We can try to prevent harmful diseases by trying to improve activity. We can improve human activity by playing sports. We can also put on medicine to keep bugs away like bug spray. We can also improve are water source. We can in prove are water by filtering it more.
How Can We Slow Down The Diseases
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