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My Class Introduction

No description

Brooke Caine

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of My Class Introduction

My Experience in College, Part I
In my immediate family, I will be the first person to receive a college degree.
As a first-generation college student and commuter, it was quite difficult for me to find common ground with many of the students on our campus.
As a result, I put most of my effort and attention into studying and maintaining a good GPA. (I now have a GPA of 3.89 and I am quite proud of that. :) )
My Class Introduction
By: Brooke Caine

My Experience in College, Part II
Since I initially started as a Psychology major, the bulk of my classes in my freshman year revolved around math and science.
After switching over to the English department, I soon became fascinated with literature from other countries. I decided to pursue Russian as a minor and Chinese for a shorter amount of time.
As I prepare to graduate, I have a substantial number of literature and language courses under my belt that have allowed me to venture outside of what I experience on a daily basis as a white, female American: World Literature, Immigrant Literature, Multicultural Literature, Medieval English Literature, Chinese (To the 2002 level) and Russian (To the 3000 level).
Career Plans
When I graduate, I would like to enter the publishing industry and work my way up to become an editor.
Although I plan to begin my career at a local publishing company, I eventually would like to move on to a workplace that has international ties.
There, I will use my fluency in Russian and Japanese (Which I plan to learn post-graduation) to translate novels from these countries into English so that Americans can get a true picture of what life in another country is like - their values, beliefs, experiences and universal human desires.
My Theme
Above all else, I value clear, effective and mutually beneficial communication.
To this end, I believe that citizens of my country should make an effort to learn more about other cultures and countries because this knowledge is necessary in a increasingly interdependent world.
If we do not make this effort to reach out and understand others, then we can hardly expect the same treatment in return.
In closing, the principle that I strive to build my life around (and have based my education upon) is simply this: Learn about the world. Learn about the people in it. And, most importantly, find a way to connect with them through the areas of business, art, etc.
Reading and writing
Editing or otherwise helping to improve/build upon another person's work
Learning foreign languages and exploring different cultures
Debating on complex social issues - abortion, gay rights, feminism, etc.
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