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Feminist Therapy

No description

Katherine Brach

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Feminist Therapy

Feminist Therapy

What Feminists Believe
What Do Feminists Therapists Believe?
Part II
Feminists are not an easy group to pin down but there are some shared underlying principles...
Wanna Play a Game?
Rate yourself on a 1-5 scale (just like you did at the start) 1=strongly Disagree, 2=Disagree. 3= Not Sure, 4=Agree 5=Strongly Agre
The Nuts and Bolts of It
Feminist Therapy
Welcome! Before you start, take the Feminist Therapy Self-Inventory.

Rate yourself honestly using the following scale

5=I strongly agree, 4= I agree, in most respects, 3= I am undecided, 2=I disagree and 1=I strongly disagree

Let's Start!
___1. Therapy involves a partnership between equals.
___2. Appropriate self-disclosure by the counsellor can be therapeutic.
___3. Social action should be included in the therapeutic process when necessary..
___4. The therapist is not an expert, but rather a source of information.
___5. The role of the counsellor is to empower clients to live according to their values.
___6. Gender and culture are important factors in therapy.
___7. Clients are included as much as possible in their assessment and treatment.
___8. Therapists should actively work to demystify the therapeutic process.
___9. Therapy should focus on understanding the cultural forces that damage and constrain women.

Did this Just Happen?
Point of Clarification: You don't have to be like this to be a Feminist
You could look like this, or this, or this....
Key Concepts
The person is _o_i_i_a_l.
Personal and s_c_a_ identities are interdependent.
Definitions of distress and mental i_l_e_s are reformulated
Feminist therapists use an integrated analysis of oppression
The counselling relationsihp is e_a_i_a_i_n.
Women's p__spe___ives are valued.
In the Spirit of Self-Disclosure...
I had a meeting with my "History of Racism" prof. in my undergrad days that went like this.
me: ...and yah, so I'm a vegetarian
prof: oh so you're political?
me: no, um, I said vegetarian, why would you say that?
prof: you are exercising political will by not eating meat. You are voting with your choice in what you consume..it's powerful, you should own that.
me: um, yah. Actually, I just really like animals, but ok.
If you said....
+ Person is political
+Personal and social identities are interdependent
+The ...relationship is egalitarian
+Women's perspectives are valued

...then you were right!
Now back on topic...
Are you getting it that feminists therapists are a little different? They kind of take concepts that society holds dearly and doesn't think much about and then turns them on their head.
Check the Key Concepts that applied
Feminist Therapists are:
Fair. Gender-neutral. Flexible. Interactional. Life span oriented.
Feminst 'Therapistas' are Men and Women.
Core Belief:
The role of therapy is to bring attention to the role that gender-socializaion plays in the development of adult personality.
Interesting Feminist Fact-oid
Feminist Therapists have challenged the definition of a mentally healthy individual. They do not believe in DSM-Diagnosis or labels.
There are no right or wrong answers. The only thing to gain is insight.
__1. I wouldn't think twice about having a relationship with someone from a different race.
__2. Too much attention has been placed on multicultural issues/minority issues in Canada.
__3. The definition of marriage should be expanded to include gay couples.
__4. I wouldn't mind living in a neighbourhood where my race wasn't the majority.
__5. A women should stay home with her children for at least 1 year.
__6. There is just as much violence towards men as there is towards women.
__7. I feel more secure knowing that the teacher of Theories of Counselling is a man.
__8. My group of friends are very racially mixed.
__9. Priority hiring policies promote reverse discrimination.
10. I think that it's important for my children to attend schools that are racially mixed.
Interventions and Techniques
By Katherine Brach
Goals of Therapy
The Relationship
Feminist Humour
What Was That Like?
Were you surprised by any of your answers?
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