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Unit 11 : Music Events Management - Liam Luckhurst

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liam luckhurst

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Unit 11 : Music Events Management - Liam Luckhurst

Unit 11 : Music Events Management - Liam Luckhurst
Behind the scenes
Promotion & Marketing
Another massive factor of making a successful event is the promotion and marketing of it. The job of this is to advertise and sell the event to members of the public through various platforms. Traditional ways have been flyers and posters in shops/papers and magazines and have been effective for years the internet has become a massive factor over the past few years as events can be spread over social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and can target a large population from a large local music scene to world wide. A well known example of this was the event "Outlook Festival" which is a bass and sound system culture festival. Outlook started off in Croatia and has moved across the world and has been held in England and New Zealand, the event has been passed around social media sites such as Facebook and this is one of the biggest contributions to is success. What made the UK Vans Warp Tour so successful was the established backing and sucesses it already had in America over that last 10 years. I feel this was a big advantage they had when they sold out the 10,000 tickets for Alexandra Palace with 28 bands playing over 4 stages in one day. Because of popularity of this event already i felt the organizers could run the risk of putting on a variety of well established bands but also bands they thought are breaking through the music scene at the time.

When promoting any gig or event selling it to your target audience is the key idea, if your planning to book a major heavy metal band for example Parkway Drive you want to book support of a similar nature maybe 1 local band to the area of your gig and 2/3 other popular bands of that caliber not maybe a dub step or jazz band.
Promotion Video we use
at The Astor Theatre
Poster made by me for a charity gig
What makes a successful music event?
A music event could include the following types of events: Gig, Tour, Promo Launch and classical recitals. A large factor to what event you are able to run will be the venues that are available for you to use the can be, music clubs (with back line etc), pubs, large music venues (academy) and theaters. Limitations on what venues can offer will also have a big impact on the type event you can hold there. Size, location, duration, equipment such as sound/lighting/stages. Venue size is a big factor because if you are booking a band who has a big following in their local area but decide to have them over the other side of the country they may not have the same following so are less likely to pack out as big of an venue. An example of a very successful event is the Vans Warp tour, first started in the USA in 1994 and became sponsored by Vans Skateboards in the 1995. This Tour continued throughout american until 2012 where the licenses to tour Europe where agreed.
Public Liability - An insurance policy that covers your business if someone is injured in some way by your business, for in example in at a live event if a speaker was to fall on someone public liability would cover this, also this would mean big court cases and you as a promoter loosing a lot of money but even looking at prison time
It is very important to have each and every one of these as if any of the above isn't approved the event could be closed down and the person running the event could be heavily fined and prosecuted.

For example, if the event isn't insured and the stage collapses the people who are in charge of the event could be fined and lead into a lot of trouble. Also contracts for performers are very important, this is the only piece of information which lets both you and the performer know what they are getting out of performing at your event.
I think that if it wasn't for social media sites bands and events would struggle to promote their gigs in today's market. Another great aspect of this platform is that it is a FREE way of promotion and has been proven an effective way of connecting with followers.

From my own personal experience with working in a live gig environment since our venue have started a Facebook and Twitter site to advertise out events we have seen a large increase of people attending and from a wider distance.

Another big thing lately is publicity stunts like flash mobs and other public disturbances. A band from LA stopped traffic on a busy highway for hours and started to perform.

Some bands may also require safe parking which is close to the venue as they will have heavy equipment. From my own personal experiences from working with bands on tour guitar heads and cabs are very heavy so the closer you can park the easier it is for the band. if you are booking a band from a long distance away or one which is on tour they may request accommodation this could either be a travel lodge or an B&B. In a larger venue the band or artist may also request a stage crew to help with the moving on the equipment but also during the show for example the guitar players may use different guitars so help with a quick change over is helpful.
A major part to an event that most people over look is all the legal sides which takes all the fun out of putting on event but with out it the event would not event happen. These can include:

Performance licenses - These have to obtained from the local authorities, so for me that would either be Dover District Council or Canterbury City Council
As successful event is not just about selling out your venue a making lots of money while may be your main goal but its also about the people behind the scenes which make the event happen.

Money management is a big part of putting on a live event this is why having a management team which is in charge of finical planning, cash flows, budgeting, book keeping, accounts, grants, sponsorship and TAX. If it was me putting on an events i would defiantly have someone to manage this as i would feel that i would over spend and forget who i need to pay.

Sound and Equipment hire is one of the largest factors to putting on a successful live event. The equipment must be of a high equality to get the best sound possible, for example you would put a budget system like Behringer into a 3,000 people venue as the sound quality would not be at a hihg enough level you would be looking at systems like Nova or Martian and putting a lager rig than needed as its always good to have head room as you do not want to be pushing the system to its max all for the entire event. As well as a high quality system you also need professional sound engineers that have had lots of experience with these systems as for every venue you go will be different due to the characteristics of how its built so having an engineer who can ring-out and EQ the system to each room is key because you wouldn't be getting the highest quality of sound and this could give you as a promoter a bad reputation.

Catering Is a massive part to help make a successful gig as the amount of energy needed to interact with the bands by moshing and jumping about to express you emotion for the bands. This is also a good way of taking a bit of extra money as you can take a small cut of 5% from each vender if you are the main organizer of the event. Some smaller venues will give you a 10% cut of the bar on top of you door sales but this can be very rare.

The stage crew have a massive role to make sure the event is successful due to the fact that they have control with all the equipment such as amp rigs, lighting, mics, guitars & basses etc. The Technical crew are the individuals employed behind the scenes (backstage) who control all the technical aspects of creating a concert, play, musical, or other live performance. The technical crew can consist of only a few individuals, or be divided up into a multitude of positions depending on the scale and needs of a particular production. In Festival enviroment like Download or Warp Tour having a solid working stage crew is key to the success of the event as their is a small window of time between sets and having a team that can work efficiently with each other is key.

Insurance - This is to cover things like equipment, lose and damage caused by other parties and damage to venues
Contracts for performers - This will vary from event to event depending on the venue or promoter but clearly explains what is expected of the band or artist and what they are responsible for, failure to apply to this could lead for them not to be paid. As well as you having contracts with the artists it's also good for the artist to have a contract with you so they have certain things they expect from you! This also help with the overall running of the event as they or you cant go around and say for example oh no we didn't bring any drums as you didn't specify we needed to but if you stated in your contract that bands and artist are to supply their own gear and equipment then its there fault and they are in breach of the contract you have with them.
I think that a Music Event is made successful by making sure that everyone knows clearly what is going on, both bands and organizers, and if there is any differences that they are bought to the other persons attention as soon as they arise. Being well organized and planning for any circumstances as well as managing money will help you to put of a successful event. Having a well organized team backing who have experiences in different areas can help as planning and running an event as a lone wolf could be very tricky as their are a lot of factors to look at and you could easily forget or overlook one.
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