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KHolmes CV

No description

kristina holmes

on 26 July 2015

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Transcript of KHolmes CV

I AM Kristi Holmes

easurable Results

Communication is more about listening than it is about talking. You have to understand your audience - what they hold dear, what they worry about, what they believe - before you can motivate them to act.
I'm Experienced in both Internal Communications...
A Safety Campaign Aimed at Manufacturing Labor
Training Booklet
I've led multiple organizations through Corporate Brand Development including education on the concept of a Brand as a business strategy
Healthcare Marketing
2012 Texas Medicaid Management was up for bid in SDAs across the state
Obstacle: Competition &
political challenges

Large national plan
Hyperlocal/Facility-based plans

Political Opposition
Plan's market share going into
the bid caused concern
Market didn't want
managed care
Goal: Add 200,000 lives to
Health plan enrollments
Position the plan as
"Texas local".
"Been there - done that!"
Community based approach to win over resistors
Educate legislators on capabilities and cost management
Meet Superior Kid
Market research indicated that the health plan was not perceived as family-friendly despite the fact that the majority of members were 12 & under. To correct the perception, I developed a plan mascot and an outreach campaign centered around him. The campaign focused on healthy lifestyle choices and was rolled out among local youth sporting leagues and lower income schools. Superior Kid was an immediate star!
The Branded House Approach for Increased
Brand Recognition
I AM... A creator of marketing strategies that
people. (pun intended)
I AM a Corporate Communications Exec who can deliver...
Content Marketing
PR &
Integrated Communications Grounded in a R.O.I Focused Approach
I AM...
A Strategist
A Designer
A Copywriter
A Spokesperson & Experienced Media Relations Pro
A NIMS Certified Crisis Communicator
I AM Kristi Holmes:
A Communications Executive who Drives Bottom Line Growth
Actual Enrollments reached almost double the projected enrollment!
Building Visual Identity
Pre Go-Live Campaign
Post Go-Live Campaign to Capture Enrollments During the Open Change Period
Outdoor &
Together We Can Take Your Organization to New Heights
And External Communications...
Targeted Direct Response
5% Response Rate
Outperformed national
average of 2-4%
Enrollments exceeded sales projections by 270%
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