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Johnson Farm

No description

Emily Johnson

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Johnson Farm

Day 7 in the incubator the class candled the eggs in the incubator. The candler is basically a flashlight lighting up the egg. The 2nd graders saw veins, an embryo, and a heartbeat within the egg.
There was an "Egg-Spression" Every day
Day by Day for 21 Days!
"Don't count your chickens before they hatch."
Candling the Eggs Day 7
Journaling the Egg Development
"Walking on Eggshells"
Each day, students observed and recorded changes in temperature and humidity as well as growth and weight changes with the eggs in the incubator. Different 2nd graders in the class were assigned to be "egg-sperts" and were given the responsibility to inform other early learning classes of the progress of the development of the eggs in the incubator. They were equipped with an iPad and a PowerPoint presentation showing what the embryo looked like, the weight, and
Everyday the 2nd graders were assigned an "egg-spression" of the day. First thing in the morning the children were asked to write about what each "egg-spression" meant. Some of them were:
"Nest Egg"
"Don't be the rotten egg!"
"Chicken scratch"
"Shake a tail feather"
"Don't be chicken"
And many others!
Saturday, June 28, 2014
Vol I, No. 1
Eggs in the Classroom
Embryology Unit in 2nd Grade
2nd Graders Candle eggs on day 15!
Candling Day 15
By the 15th day, the 2nd graders candled the eggs to see if there was growth. As many as 21 were completely filling the inside of the egg. You could even see some movement inside!
Johnson Farm
Mrs. Johnson's 2nd Grade Class
purchased fertilized eggs at a local farm near Atlanta. April 9th, 2014,the eggs were set in the incubator.
Mrs Johnson's class made sure the incubator temperature was set at
100 degrees Fahrenheit. The
humidity was set at 45% to 55% by adding water in the bottom of
the incubator. The second grade
class was responsible for creating a journal and recording the eggs progress as the days go by.
Happy Birthday!!
On day 21, April 30th, 2014 20 baby chicks hatched from their eggs! All healthy and happy.
what was developing that day with the embryo.
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