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English Assignment (National 4) Added Value Unit

No description

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of English Assignment (National 4) Added Value Unit

The Added Value Unit forms a substantial part of your coursework in English
You will spend considerable time working on it, and all stages of the work are important
Planning your Investigation and spending time thinking about how you will go about it is a key element of your work
English Assignment (National 4) Added Value Unit
What are
my options?
Is there any help out there?
What am I
being asked
to do?
What do I do when
I've found
How do I create
my own piece
of work?
How do I present
my work?
A choice of topic from a very wide range
Appealing to your own interests and enjoyable
Can include fact, fiction, and a range of media
The work of particular author/director
Texts looking at a particular theme
At least one of the texts to be written
A reminder about the resources out there and how libraries can help
Printed Resources
Books - Fiction - Junior; Intermediate; Senior
Non Fiction
The Dewey Decimal System
For more help....
Society and Citizenship Section
Posters, folders, books
Virtual Library
Recommended links
Why is it on the internet?
Who's responsible?
Relevance; provenance; bias; currency; ease of use
clues from the web address:
.gov; .org; .ac; .com; .co.uk
Quality information on subscription....

Online Information
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