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Mallet Madness

Review for 5th Grade Introduction for 4th Grade With Body Director Exercise

Julie Vahle

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Mallet Madness

Mallet Madness Rules of the Mallets: Please do not touch the mallet heads Pinch the mallet with your thumb and pointer finger about 4 inches from the bottom of the mallet. Loosely wrap your
other three fingers around the mallet stick. Form a... Body Mallet Mallet The Barred Instruments Types Pitch How to Play Are you holding the mallets correctly? Let mallets
bounce off of
tone bars Hit the
"belly button"
of the bar Xylophones Glockenspiels Fixed Pitch Left to Right:
Large to Small:
Low to High Pentatonic:
5 Tones Metallophones Bass Bass Alto Alto Alto Soprano Soprano Soprano METAL BARS WOODEN BARS SMALL, THIN BARS Mallet Madness Activity:
"Body Director" *Become familiar with using the instruments
*Work on following a conductor Vocabulary: Objectives: *Tremelo: a wavering effect produced by quickly and repeatedly hitting the same tone. *Conductor: One who directs a musical ensemble/group. *Glissando: a slide upward or downward between two notes.
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