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The Gift of the Magi

No description

Yu jin Jung

on 18 July 2017

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Transcript of The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi



designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
-Genre: Short Story
-Author: O. Henry

It was that the next day would be Christmas. However, there was clearly nothing left to buy Christmas presents. Della's sobbing showed that life is full of sob.

* sob: 흐느껴 울다
And then, she went back to her home. Della finished her cry and stood by the window and looked outside with a dull face. She had to buy Jim who is her husband a present but she had only $1.87.

*dull: 따분한
For Jim's present, she had spent planning for something nice for him. Suddenly, she whirled from the window and let it fall to its full length. She cut her hair that is one of her precious things to sell.

*whirle: 빙그르 돌다
When Della reached home, she was worried about if Jim doesn't think still pretty even though she cut her hair. She said" I had my hair cut off and sold it because I couldn't lived through Christmas without giving a present. However, her husband said " You've cut your hair?"laboriously unless he didn't know patent fact yet. with almost of idiocy.

*idiocy:거짓말 patent 명백한

Then, she sold her hair to Madame. And Della ransacking the stores for Jim's present. Finally, she determine that it was a platinum fob chain simple, not by meretricious ornamentation.
* meretricious: 겉만 번지르르한
ornamentation: 장신구
* ransacking: 뒤지다
After that, Della worshipped her hair and later, suddenly, her hairs so fast. The magi let Della's hair grow fast. And then, Jim said" I sold my watch to buy your combs".
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