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No description

Julia Howell

on 25 September 2012

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Gangnam is essentially the Upper East Side plus Beverley hills, or as one blogger put it "Dubai built on Korean cabbage and Korean pear fields" finance gangnam style Oppa Gangnam Style Is this effective? What is the warning given? In Korean, "gang" means river and "nam" means south. Literally "south river" Gangnam is the area located south of the Han River in South Korea What IS Gangnam? Gangnam lifestyle is materialistic, luxurious, yet empty, as it lacks history and Korean culture Gangnam style? This song doesn't actually support the Gangnam style of life. Oppa Gangnam Style is a satirical song about the materialistic, shallow life of Gangnam residents. Throughout the music video, PSY mocks the idea of Gangnam style and pursuing it. http://mydearkorea.blogspot.com/2012/08/korean-music-psys-gangnam-style-and.html 뭐 여하튼는 강남 스타일 Fantasy vs Reality Fantasy: Being fanned by a hot chick on a private beach 2. Reality Check: kid infested public playground Fantasy: walking down the red carpet with confetti Reality Check: trashy never classy. And in a parking lot to boot. http://cphoto.asiae.co.kr/listimgten/1/2012080715471740658_2.jpg Fantasy: private spa Psyche: mobsters Fantasy: Equestrian master Reality Check: merry-go-round Fantasy: throne Reality: toilet Fantasy: country club pool Reality: public bathouse generational issues Culture Gangnam Style What is this movie saying about the culture? women locations class In one scene, 2 old men are playing a traditional Korean game, as PSY walks away, there is an explosian behind him. This represents the generational clashing as one generation scorns the other, causing traditions to die. In another scene, he is on a bus full of Ajumma. In his effort to find a hot, beautiful, classy woman, he searches under bridges and parks, finally meeting one on a subway. PSY sings of how he wants a classy lady who can afford to relax with some coffee. This is actually a jab at the Gangnam women and their habits. There are two types of people: those who live Gangnam style, and those who wish they did.
Psy mocks them both. Much of the song refers to Korea's credit card debt rate. Financial Nuances In 2010, the average household carried credit card debt worth a staggering 155 percent of their disposable income. There are nearly five credit cards for every adult. South Koreans have been living on credit since the mid-1990s. -Max Fischer, The Atlantic http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2012/08/gangnam-style-dissected-the-subversive-message-within-south-koreas-music-video-sensation/261462/ "I think he's pointing out the ridiculousness of the materialism"- Adrian Hong -Adrian Hong "Koreans have been kind of caught up in this spending to look wealthy, and Gangnam has really been the leading edge of that, I think a lot of what Psy is pointing out is how silly that is." "Human society is so hollow, and even while filming I felt pathetic. Each frame by frame was hollow." -Psy "It's a Gangnam Style world and we are all living in it." Josh Groban http://opencitymag.com/beyond-the-horse-dance-viral-vid-gangnam-style-critiques-koreas-extreme-inequality/ http://opencitymag.com/beyond-the-horse-dance-viral-vid-gangnam-style-critiques-koreas-extreme-inequality/ Do we live in a Gangnam Style world? If so, what should be done about our spending? What is it in people that makes them obsess irrationally with appearances? Will this sort of satirical music start popping up everywhere? What positive advice does Gangnam style give? Is living Gangnam style ever woth the debt it may bring on? What are the financial lessons to learn?
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