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Cyber Safety

No description

Laura Smith

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Cyber Safety

Cyber Safety
Cyber Safety 101
When using the Internet, be aware of the following:
Random pop-up ads
Emails from strangers
Cyber stalking
Cyber Bullying
Online Predation
Any request or confirmation that you are not familiar with
6 Tips for Safe Online Social Networking
Cyber Safety
The Internet is such a great resource for accessing information quickly. It can also get us into trouble if we are not careful. Cyber Safety is so important in terms of using proper research techniques to avoid any conflict that we may run into. The following Prezi will give you tips, resources and an overall better understanding of what cyber safety is and why it is so important!
What does "Cyber Safety" Mean?

NetSafe explains that cyber safety is the safe and responsible use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). NetSafe's approach to cyber safety is founded on:

Maintaining a positive approach about the many benefits brought by technologies
Encouraging the public to identify the risks associated with ICT
Putting in place strategies to minimise and manage risks
Recognising the importance of effective teaching and learning programmes.

The following images are main examples of
where Cyber Safety should be used...
Cyber Safety Sites
For Adults
Gey Cyber Safe
An adult website with informational resources and tips to use while browsing the Internet
Cyber Safety:
A Teacher/Parent Resource with tips, useful links, news and more

Computers & Laptops
Number 1
Do your research before you dive in. Carefully investigate any online social network you may want to join. Use only well known online services.
Number 2
Never expect absolute privacy! Create your account without providing any critical personal information, like: date of birth, full name, social insurance number or address.
Number 3
Protect your friends. Be careful of what you are posting on the Internet about them.
Number 5
You control your online environment. Do not give strangers permission to view your profile.
Number 4
Monitor your own page for personal information posted by friends in their messages. Also monitor your friends' pages for your personal information. A simple comment or photo may reveal your date of birth or give information that could be useful to predators.
Number 6
Be creative, be safe and have fun!
Cyber Safety Video
Check out this video that gives helpful hints about how to be careful on the internet!
Cyber Safety Site
For Kids
PBS Kids
An engaging site for students to learn about Cyber Safety while having fun
Cyber Smart:
A fun, educational site for young kids, teens and parents

Safety Apps
Here are a couple apps that will help you to help the students in our class be as safe as they can be!
FBI Child ID
Allows you to monitor your childs actions on their computer
Securely keeps photos and vital information of your child electronically
It is important for parents and guardians to understand what Cyber Safety is and why it is so important. This slide offers valuable information about Cyber Safety and also offers a website that adults can visit for more information. It is a good introductory slide for the remainder of the presentation.
It is important for parents and guardians to understand where the Internet is unsafe and how your children can run into problems. This slide offers valuable information regarding the types of electronics that you should be aware of and what types of trouble can be derived from these electronics.
This slide offers parents and guardians sites that they can access that will help further their knowledge on Cyber Safety. It is important to be knowledgeable about the dangers of the Internet and how you can help your child become more aware of the dangers as well. These sites will help you to become more familiar and comfortable with the Internet.
It is important to be as overcautious when it comes to letting a child have access to the Internet. These apps will help you as a parent or guardian, feel more comfortable with the Internet and what your child is doing. The ID app helps to securely hold photos and information of a child for quick reference. The Watchover app allows you to monitor you child's Internet browsing and manage which sites you want them to be able to access or not.
Why not let kids have a little fun while learning about Cyber Safety? This slide offers sites that kids can access to futher their understanding about Cyber Safety. It offers engaging games and activities that will test their knowledge on the Internet and Internet safety.
It is important to give specific detail about what kids should offer on the Internet and what they should keep private. These are detailed tips that will help you as a parent or guardian limit the exposure that your child is allowing the world to see.
This video can and should be watched by both you and your child. It offers a great deal of information regarding the dangers of the Internet and what you should and should not do. It also explains real life scenarios that children may not think of, and therefore should be explained in further detail.
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