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Ned Kelly ....Hero or Villain?

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fi gerber

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of Ned Kelly ....Hero or Villain?

5 Aqua....Super Detectives!
Ned Kelly ....Now we know WHAT he did, lets think about WHY he might have done it!
What does this image mean Australians?..
On your white board write down some words that you think of when you see this image...
Why is Ned Kelly so well known in Australia?

Class Poll:
How many of you have heard of Ned Kelly?

How many of you can name an historical fact about Ned?

Why is he so important in Australian History.....
Lets find out!

A primary source is a document or physical object which was written or created during the time under study. These sources were present during an experience or time period and offer an inside view of a particular event.

Turn to your partner and see if you can think of any examples of Primary Source artifacts from history.
We learned the story of Ned Kelly last week but like all real investigators we need to look at the evidence in order to truly understand the events.
Lesson 2: EVIDENCE!
What do we REALLY know about Ned Kelly?
legal documents, church records, school records, passenger lists, membership lists etc
Books, diaries, paintings, drawings etc
Anything that is ORIGINAL and remains from that time.
Clothes / hats / weapons / tools / crockery / farming equipment / cooking utensils etc
A secondary source is an account of an event after it happens, for instance, a book written about an event but not at the time it happens.

Turn to your partner, can you think of any other secondary sources?
Secondary Sources
Books, magazine articles, art, movies....a secondary source is an interpretation of events AFTER they have happened
Ned Kelly...Hero or Villain ?
Group work..piecing together Ned Kellys timeline.
Why is he so famous....and what is a bushranger?..Lets find out!
A bushranger was a runaway convict in the early years of the British settlement of Australia. They had the survival skills necessary to use the Australian bush as a refuge to hide from the authorities. The term "bushranger" then changed to mean those who opted out of society robbed people in order to survive.
In the 1860's the Gold Rush meant wealth was everywhere and was much more portable. Many remote areas didnt have banks like we do today and of course, no credit cards so people took their money, gold and jewelery with them wherever they went.

The Gold Fields were in very remote areas and there were long distances between them that people had to travel.

Bushrangers took advantage of this and robbed those traveling. Some bushrangers would only take what they needed to survive, cattle and sheep for food and horses for transports...but others were not so moral!

There were over 2000 bushrangers during 1850's and 60's.

Famous ones were Frank Gardiner, John Gilbert and Ben Hall..and the most famous of all Ned Kelly!
In the early settlement days the British government had shared land amongst the gentry. Many of these farms had grown beyond those boundaries and by the 1850s when Ned Kelly was born the Squatters were very rich families with huge amounts of land. This meant none of the new settlers could get enough land to make a good living and many were trapped in poverty working for the Squatters.
Ned Kellys family arrived after many of the original settlers had already established themselves with land. When Ned's father died when he was 12 the family had to move to live with relatives and work for a rich land owner.
At the time the British police force were very corrupt and dishonest and the poor Irish immigrants were treated very badly. They were often blamed for things they did not do and if they defended themselves they would be branded as trouble makers.
As History Detectives what do we need to understand about Ned Kelly in order to identify his motives?

The times in which he lived, the social and political environment.

The people he was influenced by.

His childhood experiences.
We need to know about ......
Ned Kellys Story
From the age of 12 Ned lived with the Quinn and Kelly families said to total about 50 people. Ned would help them with their horse trading business and doing quick deals for cash, some of which would be against the law. At 14 Ned met the infamous bushranger Harry Power.
The people who influenced Ned.
What do YOU think?
History Detectives....

Constable Fitzpatrick was a policeman who Kelly had kicked during an argument earlier that year. On being posted to Greta police station he decided to go and arrest Dan Kelly as he was wanted for stealing a horse.

This is where History becomes tricky!!!!

1878....The Incident!
The Popular story: Many films and books said that Fitzgerald was drunk and came to arrest Dan Kelly and attacked Kellys mother Ellen. Ned, on seeing the incident fired a gun at Fitzpatrick shooting him in the arm and was then charged with attempted murder.

Ellen Kelly: Stated that Fitzgerald came to arrest Dan, picked an argument with a neighbour and tried to arrest Dan Kelly without a warrant. Dan grabbed the gun from his hand and released him unharmed. The family stated that Fitzpatrick shot himself to get them into trouble because of his hatred of the Kelly family.

Constable Fitzgerald: He claimed that Ned, Dan and two neighbours were all carrying revolvers and that Ellen Kelly had hit him on the head with a shovel and the others had shot at him.

Ned Kelly: In a statement to the police Ned insisted he was 200 miles away when all this happened.

At court the following month Fitzpatrick claimed attempted murder although his doctor reported a strong smell of alcohol on him and no proof that the wound on his wrist was from a bullet. In spite of no other evidence that Fitzpatrick statement the two neighbours were sentenced to 6 years each and Ellen Kelly was sentenced to 3 years in prison...a place she stayed in until Kelly was hanged in the same prison. They never saw each other again.
The Ned Kelly Gang became famous after they ran away from the Police. They were involved in a shoot out with the police where they shot and killed three policemen. They then became bushrangers living wild in the Australian bushland. They commited a number of bank robberies and Ned Kelly wrote a famous letter called the Jerilderie letter explaining their actions were in self defense and they were being victimised by the police.
Kelly is perhaps Australia’s best known folk hero, not least of all because of the famous armour worn by his gang in what became known as the Siege at Glenrowan (or The Last Stand), the event that led to Ned Kelly’s capture and subsequent execution.

The siege at Glenrowan on Monday, June 28th, 1880, was the result of a plan by the Kelly Gang to derail a Police Special Train The plan was put into effect on Saturday, June 26 with the murder of Aaron Sherritt, a police informant, the idea being to draw the Police Special Train through the township of Glenrowan, an area the local Kellys knew well.

The Kelly Gang took over 60 hostages at the Glenrowan Inn and waited for the train to be derailed. A hostage named Thomas Curnow escaped and warned the Police of the danger to the train..

Eventually, in the early morning darkness of Monday, June 28th, the Police Special train slowly pulled into Glenrowan Railway Station, and the police contingent on board disembarked. The siege of the Glenrowan Inn began, terminating with its destruction by fire in the mid afternoon, and the deaths of Joe Byrne, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart. Earlier, shortly after daylight on the 29th, Ned was captured about 100 metres north east of the Inn.

Watch BTN

What do you think? Is Ned Kelly a hero or a villain....Write a paragraph in your book about what you think so far!

Now lets all stand on an "Opinion line" and your teacher will photograph it. We will do the same at the end of our investigation to see if you have changed your minds!
In groups of 4 you will be given a worksheet about an event in Ned Kellys life. In your groups you will present your information to the class and answer the questions at the bottom of the sheet.
Also is your evidence Primary or Secondary Source information?
Lesson 4
Using you ipads in pairs find some of the primary source information we could use to investigate Ned Kelly. Make a prezi to share in class.
Each character in the Ned Kelly story will have a different view of what happened and why it happened this is called a "point of view".

Brainstorm what factors will make people feel differently about the same situation?
Ned Kelly is an Australian icon..his image is on everything from......
to letterboxes!....
....to games!
Lesson 3
In Groups of 4 you will be given a character from the Ned Kelly story. Brainstorm on butchers paper what that character will think or feel about the situation.

You will need to consider:
Their role in the story?
How Ned Kelly has affected them?
How they live ?
What social status they have?

1. A Policeman at the siege
2. Dead policemans family
3. Ned’s Mother
4. Bank Teller who was robbed
5. Family of the drowning boy Ned saved
6. The Kelly gang
7. Ned
8. Constable Fitzgerald

Lesson 5 / 6
Project work
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