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Man of Steel - Social Psychology Presentation

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Regen Lee Chern

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Man of Steel - Social Psychology Presentation

On a far away galaxy, the planet Krypton is soon to be destroyed by its own unstable core. Jor-El and Lara, who predicted the end of their world, sent their newborn son Kal-El away to another planet just before Krypton explodes.
Crash landing on Earth, Kal-El was found and raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who named the alien baby Clark Kent.
Clark has to learn to control his developing super powers when he was growing up on Earth
X-Ray Vision
Super Hearing
Super Strength
and Invulnerability to Earth's elements
Growing up with humans, Clark struggles to control his powers and keeping them secret from the world, as his adopted father think that the world wasn't ready for someone like him, and struggles to search for this true identity
Until his adopted father finally told him the truth about his heritage. Which sparked a life-long journey of trying to find out who he truly is.
Group Members:
Wong Lee Chern 156491
Norman Vester Josoh 156649
Jake Ong Wei Loon 157743
Chris Chiang SzeHao 159285

SKP3501 - Social Psychology
Dr Mohd Ibrani Shahrimin
bin Adam Assim
Clark eventually found the truth about his identity and his home on an abandoned Kryptonian spaceship
In there, he met the consciousness of his late biological father, who told him his real name, where he was from and his purpose on Earth
Donning the suit that embodies the symbol of Hope in Krypton, Kal-El/Clark ultimately embraces his identity as a symbol of hope and guidance for mankind, using his powers to help others, fulfilling the prophecies of both his biological and adoptive fathers.
Then, another Kryptonian, an enemy of Jor-El named General Zod arrived to destroy Earth and its inhabitants to recreate a new nation of Kryptonians
Now, it is up to Kal-El/Clark, whom the humans call Superman, to stop Zod and save the Earth from total annihilation!
Henry Cavil as Kal-El/
Clark Kent/ Superman
An alien born in a distant planet of Kryton. He is the son of Jor-El and Lara who was sent to Earth before Kryton self-destructed and was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent. As Clark Kent, he went through a journey of amazing self discovery and soon became Earth's greatest protector - Superman.
Henry Cavil as Kal-El/
Clark Kent/Superman
A reporter for the Daily Planet newspaper and the love interest of Clark Kent.
Amy Adams as
Lois Lane
The biological father of Kal-El from Krypton. He predicted the self-destruction of the planet but could not save himself and his wife, but managed to send Kal-El away from harm.
Russell Crowe as
The biological mother of Kal-El and faithful wife of Jor-El.
Ayelet Zurer as
Lara Lor-Van
Adoptive parents of Clark Kent. He thinks that the world is not ready yet for someone like Clark who has superhuman powers, but believes that he will have a greater destiny with his gifts one day.
Clark's adoptive mother. She has been an emotional support to Clark since young. Supports his son with superhuman powers even after his husband has passed.
A general from Kryton who was born genetically engineered to protect his people, even with extreme measure. He will do anything, even killing ruthlessly to protect and create a new Krypton.
The superior officer of Lois Lane working at the Daily Planet newspaper.
Kevin Costner as
Jonathan Kent
Diane Lane as
Martha Kent
Michael Shannon as
General Zod
Lawerence Fishburne as
Perry White
The sub-commander of the Krypton Military along with General Zod. An expert in combat who obeys Zod without question.
Antje Traue as
Lawrence Fishburne as
Perry White
Sources of Self Knowledge in relation with Man of Steel
The story of Man of Steel is about the story of Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman's journey of a life-time of self-discovery.

How does Clark know and perceive himself and by what means?
What are the sources of his self-knowledge throughout the entire film?
1. Self-Recognition
By accepting who we are based on what we know about ourselves. To accept or recognize oneself sincerely, then we know who we are.
Since young Clark Kent was confused of who he really is. He accepted himself as someone different from the other children but was unable to recognize himself because of this difference.
Until he found his real father in the abandoned spaceship that he truly accepted his heritage as an alien, and a protector of the Earth,
2. Types of Self
To know about ourselves through our analysis about ourselves in all aspect
William James:
1. Material Self
2. Social Self
3. Spiritual Self
The Material Self consists of our bodies, clothes, immediate family, and home. We are affected by these things because of the investment of ourselves within it. The more we invest in them, the more we are attached to it.
Clark loves his mother who has supported him through out many years, and would fight to protect her and his home when under attack by Zod.
Clark has always been aware of his superhuman powers.
Based upon our interactions with society and the reactions of others that are analyzed in order to contribute to our idea of a social Self. It changes depending on what groupr of people we are with.
When Clark was a kid, he hides his powers with advise from his adoptive father to behave so that he would blend in with other people and be "normal".
When he became Superman, the people of Metropolis and the world needed a hero to stop Zod, hence he becomes the super hero
The Spiritual Self is the most intimate self. It is the satisfaction experienced when one thinks of one’s “ability to argue and discriminate, of our [one’s] moral sensibility, and conscience, of our indomitable will” (James 1890, 164) is more pure than other sentiments of satisfaction.
Our inner talks

Although the movie never shows clark thinking or talking to himself, we know as humans we all do that in the real world - We talk to ourselves.
3. Social Mirror

We know ourselves through other people, as they act as a social "mirror", reflecting who we are in their eyes.
Clark's friends says that he is a freak, a crybaby, an outcast and an outcast when he was young
When he became the planet's hope in defeating Zod, the people name him "Superman"
4. Social Comparison

We know ourselves through comparison between ourselves and other people
Physical reality
- Clark knows he is stonger, faster and invulnerable compared to other Earthlings
Social and psychological reality
- Clark also knows that his schoolmates thinks that he is a freak (superhearing) and he does not socialize with people often due to constantly hiding his abilities.
Psychological reality
- Clark struggles more than any other people because of his confusion of identity since young, and his constant battle to keep his powers a secret - eventually caused his adopted father's death.
The arrival of General Zod and his team confirmed that he is a Kryptonian, as they all have the same super abilities as him (social comparison between Clark and Zod's people)
5. Labelling

Given by society to people to certain individuals to let them know who they are. Label accepted by people eventually leads to self-filfilling prophecy.
Like previously mentioned, Clark was labelled as a freak and outcast
When he found his real father, his father labelled him the symbol of hope for mankind
Later when Earth was under attack by Zod's planet engine, people label him as Superman
Clark eventually embraced all his labels, from a social outcast, to becoming a super-man and a hope to humans
6. Self Perception

We know ourselves through observation of own self.
Self-Perception Theory - people develop their attitudes by observing their own behavior and concluding what attitudes must have caused it.
Clark finally knew who he is, where he come from, when he observed the explanation by his father in the abandoned spaceship.
He also finally understood why he had his powers after testing them along with a message about it from his father
When young, he knew his classmates thought he is weird is caused by his bahavior of running away from class and not playing with friends.
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