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The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties

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Jade Waddell

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Achievements of the Tang and Song Dynasties

by Jade Waddell The Achievements of the Tong and Song
Dynasties Another cultural achievement of the Tang is... The End..... The Tong dynasty had many great poets. Two great poets of the Tong dynasty were the poets Li Bai and Du Fu. Li Bai challenged traditional Confucian morality urging his readers to seek pleasure. Du Fu on the other hand, greatly supported Confucious. He would write poems on the problems in society, especially the plight of the poor. During the Song Dynasty, many women became educated. Women learned how to read and began devoting themselves to literary pursuits. A women, named Li Qingzhao, became one of the most celebrated poets of all the Song poets. The Song Dynasty also had many Cultural Achievements The Tong Dynasty also made Technological
Achievements Works Sited... Tong's Cultural Achievements One cultural achievement of the Tong dynasty is the meritocracy. A meritocracy is a type of government where the society is led by those who have achieved authority through their talents and their efforts. The Tong dynasty restored the service examination system that was used by the Han . This preserved the traditional values of Confucious. Another Song Achievement are the paintings... Artists of the Song Dynasty painted beautiful landscapes on silk scrolls. Painters would depict finely detailed lakes, waterfalls, craggy mountains, and twisted trees. When artist would illustrate people they would make them small which reflected the the traditional Chinese idea of the beauty and harmony of nature dwarfing the individual. The Tong Dynasty created gunpowder made of sulfur, charcoal, and saltpeter. The gunpowder was used for fireworks originally. Eventually,
the gunpowder was used for weapons and the Song banned the sale of gunpowder. Another example of Tong Tech.... The Tong Dynasty perfected porcelain. Throughout Asia, Chinese porcelain became a highly valued sought-after luxury good. Porcelain even became known as China eventually. The Song also had Technological Achievements The Song Dynasty invented movable type, revolutionizing printing. Around 1040, printers began using movable characters made of wood, porcelain, or copper that would be arranged in a frame, and then removed and reused. Because of the movable type, the Song became the first society with printed books. Another Song Technological improvement... The Song dynasty was the first society to use paper money in history. Paper money stimulated the Chinese economy.This form of currency has been adopted around the world since then. O'Connell, Patricia, and John Holdren, eds. "Tong and Song China." World History Our Human Story. Willard, Ohio: RR Donnelley, 2012. 279-85. Print.
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