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jacob holberg

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of JAPAN

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Japan currently has a population of about 127 million people.
Japan has an industrialized global free market economy. This is when businesses compete for profit and the prices of goods. Japan is very wealthy, they have 36,654 dollars internationally.

They face problems such as women living in poverty, sinking economy, radiation, and an unpopular and powerless government

Japan information
Now I'll be heading to Kegon Falls, in Nikko, Japan, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Japan.
We will stay at the Turtle Inn Nikko, which is near the falls and very popular in Nikko.
They were formed when the Daiya River was rerouted by lava flow
Also, the falls are very infamous for people committing suicide by jumping off the 97 m waterfall.

Day 3
Kegon Falls
Money and Economy
First, we will go to Mt, Fuji where we will climb the mountain.
The mountain is the highest mountain in Japan, and has 10 stations , the first being at the base of the mountain, and the last being at the summit.
Fuji also has huts to stay overnight, which provide meals for the climbers.
Day 1
Next, we will travel to Tokyo, Japan and go to the Tokyo Disneyland!
The hotel will be the Tokyo DisneyLand Hotel which provides the purchase of park tickets.
This is one of the top tourist attractions in Tokyo.
Day 2
The weather in Japan is generally temperate and mild having 4 seasons, spring , summer, fall and winter
by: Jacob Holberg
Last Day in Kyoto
On the last day we will travel to sightsee Kinkakuji, which is a Zen Temple in Kyoto.
We would eat at Gion Karyo, one of many great restaurants in Kyoto.
Kinkakuji has great garden design, which is why it attracts so many visitors.
Its top two floors are made in gold leaf.
Kinkakuji pictures
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