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UOC.IM1.CA2 Looking after the planet

No description


on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of UOC.IM1.CA2 Looking after the planet

CA2: Looking after
the Planet

Overview / Timeline
I. Preparation (15-19 Oct)
1. Study the materials in Recursos
2. Brainstorm a topic in your Workgroup's Debate folder
3. Find a Skype partner and arrange to meet
II. Oral work in Skype (20-28 Oct)
1. With your Skype partner, complete the tasks described in the CA2 guidelines
2. Submit your recordings to the appropriate folder in the Forum
III. Write a draft of your essay
(20-22 Oct)
1. Write a draft of an essay on the topic you indicated in your Workgroup brainstorming.
2. Submit your draft to your Workgroup so your partners can review it.
IV. Give feedback (23-25 Oct)
In your workgroup, give feedback on both content (ideas) and language (grammar, spelling, etc.) of all of your workgroup partners' essays.
V. Final essay in Forum (26-28 Oct)
1. Rewrite your essay, taking into account your workgroup partners' and teacher's feedback
2. Post your final essay in the Forum
3. Comment on at least two classmates' contributions in the Forum
Image of Earth:
Note that you must do the oral work
and the written work
First work with your partners in
Skype and your Workgroup.
Then submit your final work
to the Forum.
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