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The Connection in the Essay Connection Essays

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Eptesam Sufian

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of The Connection in the Essay Connection Essays

The Connection in the Essay Connection Essays
The universal theme in all of these essays is an important struggle that affects each author's life and the decisions they choose to make. Struggle is a part of all life, but it is what one chooses to do about their personal struggle or conflict that can either make them or break them.
"Wake up Call"
In this essay "Wake Up Call" by Megan Mcguire, the author recounts the rather tumultuous childhood. She grew up in an impoverished family often marked by periods in which she had no home or enough food to eat.She got herself out of such poverty by working hard and putting herself through school.
That Lean and Hungry Look
This essay by Suzanne Britt humorously discusses the conflicting differences between the personality of fat people and thin people.
Significance: By highlighting the differences between the two body types, she portrays a deeper struggle for acceptance in society.
"Why I Write..."
In this essay by Elie Wiesel, the holocaust survivor recounts the horrors and struggles of his tie at a Nazi concentration camp. He uses his struggles and experience to explain that for him, writing is a painful form of informing the public of his struggles.
"Shrouded in Contradiction"
This essay by Gelareh Asayesh expresses the authors conflicted feelings towards donning the hijab. On one hand, she recognizes it to be a symbol of religious piety and devotion. However, growing up in the restricted theocracy of Iran, she often cannot help but see it to be a symbol of oppression and the governments control over the Iranian people.
"Under the Influence"
In his essay, Scott Russell Sanders remembers traumatic events of his childhood, most of which revolves around his father's alcoholism. He discusses his struggles coping with his father's disorder and how he continues to suffer from such trauma late into his adulthood.
One of the major themes of this essay is that with any struggle, it is possible to pull oneself out if they are willing to work hard enough.
The author uses his personal struggle to answer an idea introduce by his title: why he writes.
The Essay Connections
Eptesam Sufian

Significance: Shows an important internal struggle
caused by childhood events.
Significance: portrays an important personal
struggle that dominates much of her life and sense of identity.
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