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Flint Michigan Water Project

No description

Noah Rollins

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Flint Michigan Water Project

My subject is the lead problem in the water in Flint, Michigan
The Issue
The Past two years Flint, Michigan has suffered from a water problem due to the choice of (at the time) the recently hired Gov. Snyder to change from Detroit water to the main Michigan River Water to cut costs.
The man behind this crisis was Gov. Snyder who was elected into that office as of 2011. To cut coast for richer people in the state (Including him) they decided to stop depending on the Detroit Water Lines and instead switch to the Michigan River Water.

Only, there were many problems with
The Effects
The River was past known to be part of a dumping site so it was toxic already, but to add to that, the pipe lining and along with the water in the river contained ludicrous amounts of lead in it (one time over 13,200 ppb). For those who were exposed they are suffering the effects which include physical/behavioral changes, learning deficiencies, and health problems
The Gov. tweeted saying that there were a lot of finger pointing and most of it was in his direction. (And rightly so) Also, many tests were conducted and seeing that the professionals said nothing was wrong, the way they tested proved faulty. So the mother asked to get more results from officials and they finally exposed it for what it really was : Dangerous. Flint has since then changed back to the Detroit water, but they still have water problems and bare the scars and deficiencies from their water crisis.
Recently, there is a petition that is being signed to put the Governor in jailed and arrest him. I can honestly say I whole heartily agree. He basically poisoned all of those people and said, "Let me get paid cause I'm rich and since you are poor, I'll feed you this toxic water." He shoudl not be in power anymore and get out of office.
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Flint Michigan Water Project
Getting Started
By : Noah Rollins
Opposing Views
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