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Human Trafficing

For English Class (not finished)

Sam G

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Human Trafficing

HUMAN TRAFFICKING Structure 1. Human Trafficking in general
1.2. Grooming
2. Child trafficking
2.1. Child trafficking in India
3. Woman trafficking
3.1 Woman trafficking in Europe
4. Aims and Goals What is "Human Trafficking"? Grooming? • psychological manipulation • Also through Internet • undertaken aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, to lower the child's inhibitions (= barrier; shyness) in preparation for sexual activity with the child, or exploitation (= taking advantage, using) act = what is done?

means = how is it done?

purpose = why is it done? exploitation = taking advantage, using
receipt = written acknowledgment that payment has been made
coercion = forced to obey; pressure
fraud = betrayal; trickery; cheating
deception = misleading; being dishonest groom = make ready, prepare physically Woman Trafficking • About 500,000 women are trafficked each year to Germany and forced into prostitution. • income of women traders in Europe: estimated at seven to thirteen billion dollars yearly • Traffickers take advantage of the social and economic plight of migrants and their hopes for a better future • is a so-called "control offense" plight = dilemma, critical situation Child Trafficking • any person under 18 who is recruited, transported, transferred, harboured or received for the purpose of exploitation, either within or outside a country to harbour =
to house, give shelter to • as many as one child disappears every eight minutes •many contributing factors to child trafficking: economic deprivation, lack of employment opportunities, social status, and political uprisings lack =
absence, missing deprivation = poverty,
lack of necessary resources What is being done against Human Trafficking?
Aims • cooperating and learning from each other’s experiences in the efforts to combat human trafficking. combat = fight, battle • potential trafficking incidents investigated •UN trains different countries law enforcement in how to spot victims to how to assist them • 24-hour national trafficking hotline in the US, social services, advocacy and public education, emphasizing education and spreading awareness, utilizing the power of the media. law enforcement =
Strafverfolgungsbehörden advocycy =
active support (law) emphasize = accent, draw attention to,
enlarge utilize = make use of investigate = inspect, examine Sources http://humantrafficking.org/content/about_us
google images by Simone, Fadime, Samanta
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