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Infographic on Big Sugar

No description

Imaan Rashid

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Infographic on Big Sugar

REFINED SUGAR IS PACKED IN 50 LBS. SACS AND PUT ON CARGO SHIPS THAT TAKE THEM TO THEIR DESIGNATED COUNTRIES. SUGAR CANE TAKES 12-16 MONTHS TO MATURE, THEN IT IS HARVESTED BETWEEN JUNE AND DECEMBER, WHEN THERE IS LESS RAINFALL . machines which move along the rows of cane removing the leafy tops and cutting the stalk into short pieces or "billets". Billets are loaded into bins which, when full, are taken by road or tramway to the sugar mill. BIG Sugarcane is processed by START START START ASIA SOUTH AMERICA CARIBBEAN Sugar BIG NEXT the billets are crushed to extract sugar cane juice from them. Then, they are boiled. The sugar from the liquid evaporates and crystalizes, creating RAW SUGAR. raw sugar cane is mixed with heavy syrup and then centrifuged to remove the harder, less pure crystal outside. Next, the remaining sugar is dissolved into a syrup, which is then clarified. After remaining solids are cleared out, the syrup is de-colorized by running through a bed of activated carbon. The BRAZIL INDIA CUBA is then dried to form white, granulated THE SYRUP SUGAR. In 1827, one part of Cuba had about 11,000 people working as slaves in the sugar plantations and sugar mills. was the president of the Czarnikow-Rionda Company, which used to be Cuba's biggest sugar company. Manuel Rionda THE NETHERLANDS AND CANADA recieve about 90% of Cuba's exports, the main one being sugar. IN 2009, Cuba exported about $289,971,000 worth in sugar. FINISH THE SUGAR IS PUT ONTO STORE SHELVES WHERE IT IS BOUGTH FOR ABOUT $0.378/lbs. THE BIGGEST sugar company in India is Shree Renuka Sugars has no fixed owner as it operates from several different sugar mills around India. THE COMPANY IN 2011, India's sugar exports amounted to about 2.2 billion dollars COSAN LIMITED is the biggest sugar company in Brazil ABOUT 50% of the company is owned by other companies, and the rest is owned by the public. Brazil attained about 3.1 billion dollars from sugar exports. In 2009, Cosan Ltd. has been accused of using slavery, but so far any evidence of those actions has not been verified. Cuba is supposedly the sugar capital of the world
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