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Angel Guevara

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Istanbul

Istanbul Alzer Hotel White House Hotel Localization Istanbul is located in a very peculiar place. It is located in northwestern Turkey, between the European and Asian country. Technically, half the city is Europe, and half is Asia. Language The official language is the turkish. Climate and Weather The climate of Istanbul falls into the category of 'temperate', which means that the seasons rather merge into each other.
Summer weather in Istanbul is both hot and rather humid, while the winters are considerably cooler and rather wet at times.
Springtime is the perfect time to pay a visit to Turkey.
Accommodation Food and drinks Activities to do In Istanbul accommodation organized this way: Istanbul A Class Single room 200 euros per night
Double room 240 e. per night

The hotel is facing to The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) and within a few minutes walking distance to Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace, Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern and Argeological Museum.

Single room 100 euros per night.
Double room 130 e. per night.

Is located in the heart of the historical peninsula and it is within walking distance to Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapı Palace, Archeology Museum.

Istanbul B Class Angels Garden Hotel Some dishes and drinks that could recommend would be:

Typical dishes from Istanbul

1. Testi Kebab
2. Chicken with Honey
3. Lüfer

Turkish drinks

1. Ayran
2. Rakı
3. Efes Beer
4. Kahve (Turkish coffee)
Some dishes that could recommend
would be: Testi Kebab:
This is undoubtedly one of the most unusual dishes Istanbul. It is a kind of meat stew is made in a ceramic container which breaks to serve. Chicken with Honey:
There is little to explain about this dish, which is cooked just so great. Lüfer:
If you want to try the typical fish, blue fish Bosphorus is the right choice. In addition to tea, which is undoubtedly the star in much of the Arab countries (do not forget to try the apple tea), in Istanbul there are several drinks that should be tested: Ayran:
It is a very popular drink among the Turks and served in all premises. It consists of yoghurt, water and salt. Rakı:
The Raki is a Turkish anise usually taken to accompany dinner. In some locales served in two vessels, one which Raki mixture and 50% water and another contains only water. The traditional way to take it is very cold and alternating vessels. Efes Beer:
Efes is the brand of beer (bira) Turkey's most important. Kahve (Turkish coffee):
It has the peculiarity that the sugar is thrown into it. Do not forget that as you want: sade (without sugar), orta (the standard) or sekerli (sweet). Simgle room 61 euros per night.
Double room 80 e. per night.

Is a very new boutique hotel located in Beyazit area and just 400 mt to the Famous Grand Bazaar and also all other tourist attractions are in walking distance.

Activities you can do on your trip:

1. Historic Areas of Istanbul
2. Sultanahmet District
3. Road Runner Travel - Day Tours
4. Ortakoy
Historic Areas of Istanbul Sultanahmet District Road Runner Travel - Day Tours Ortakoy It is an important historical site in Istanbul It is a place of Barrios Historic Walking Areas to meet people You can book a tour with this agency provides you with important places paths It is an area near the sea (by the cruise) and fabulous views from there to the old European and Asian city and the Bosphorus general
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