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Question 3

No description

Thomas Pilsel

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Question 3

Question 3
Examiner's Tip
'The effect on the reader is not relevant.'
Band 4:
'engages in detail with the events described in the text'

'offers perceptive explanations and interpretations of the thoughts and feelings expressed'

'employs appropriate quotations'
'Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Parrado and Canessa have whilst searching for rescue.'
'Explain some of the thoughts and feelings...'
'The writer feels...because the ...reminds her of...'

'The writer thinks...the verb...suggests that she...but also suggests...'
Why do they think and feel the way they do?
Post-mock Tips
use the whole text

to show thoughts write:
'He thought...'

to show feelings write:
'He felt...'

why the person thinks and feels the way they do
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