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Graphic Design

Career Project

Miranda Howe

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Graphic Design

However, most of the Adventist Universities
have good Graphic Design programs. The top schools are... Graphic Design ASE Advertizements are a big part of Graphic
Design as well! Miranda Howe Bachelors degree in Graphic Design
(Publications Design Major) How Do You Get There? *Rhode Island School of Design *Yale University of Arts *Maryland Institute College of Art *Carnegie Mellon University What would I be doing as a
Graphic Designer anyways? Animation... Photography... Combinations of Illustration... Layout Design... And Print... What inspires you? What idea are you trying to convey? Would this be fulfilling? I think that Graphic Design would be very fulfilling because it is a productive outlet for creativity. You get to work with people as well as art. Thanks for watching! Like this one... What skills are needed to
become a Graphic Designer? Able to work well with people Creative Hard working Committed Artistic Do ISFJ's have those qualities? Excellent sense of space Hard working Service oriented Good at creating structure Creative Read people well How is the pay? $35,000 - $65,000 The average is from About $43,000 average in TN Things are looking up for Graphic Designers, especially if you specialize in web design. The job outlook is growing steadily. Professional Organizations AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) Graphic Artists Guild Color Marketing Group Graphic Design looks like a lot of fun to me I would love to inspire others with my designs... And work with people to make their thoughts come to life... With...
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