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julia tidey

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of NICARAGUA

Typical Housing
Typical housing in Nicaragua is walls made with brick or normally concrete. Roofs generally made with zinc, and ceramic tiles for flooring. Not all homes have running water if that is the case toilets and showers are outside of their homes. If you are poorer you will have your house made of adobe bricks.
Traditional Craft
A traditional craft in Nicaragua is Hammocks. Hammocks are very popular, they are made up of woven strings built together. The Hammocks are mainly built with tighter string so they are able to hold a lot of weight in them. They were made so people could sit or take a nap in them.
Typical Recipe
Flag Of Nicaragua
The Flag of Nicaragua is a very interesting flag with two blue stripes and a single white stripe down the middle. The blue represents the oceans that border it, and white represents purity of land. There is a small triangle in the middle with green mountains and a sun. It represents equality which is shown for 5 parts of federation.
Interesting Facts
Mi Pais: Nicaragua
Nicaragua is one of the most fascinating places on Earth.
The size of it is approximately 50,336 sq. miles, around the same size of Louisiana compared to state size in the U.S.
The capital of this beautiful place is Managua.
Most people would think of Nicaragua as hot, but don't be fooled it can be cool especially in the highlands.

1) People in Nicaragua point by puckering their lips and extending their chin in that direction.

2) Nicaragua is the largest city in Central America
Nacatamales, are popular steamed corncakes which are similar to Mexican tamales. But these are larger and filled with meat, vegetables and steamed in banana leaves. These are generally served more for special occasions and large celebrations.
Thank you for watching!
I hope you learned a lot about Nicaragua and some interesting facts you didn't already know!
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