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which liquid dissloves the fastest


Elisa kim

on 20 November 2009

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Transcript of which liquid dissloves the fastest

To decide what to drink in a hot day HYPOTHESIS:
I think the water will cool down the fastest and the coffee will cool down the slowest.
the time in which you measure the tempreture of each liquid
The tempreture of the five liquids these are some of my backround information Doing the fair test COFFEE
HORLICK types of
liquid Which Liquid cools down the fastest? Coffee
hot chocolate
hot water
red date
10 20 30 40 50 60 TIme
(minutes) 50 47 43 40 38 36 51 47 44 41 39 37 52 48 44 41 39 37
54 46 44 40 38 36
53 48 43 39 36 35 The 5 liquids were all 60degrees whe we started Horlick cooled down the fastest How to make coffee this is not all the imformation but some main things are in here Coffee dosen't start as the fragrant bean you are familliar with. it is a cherry, in fact. Inside the cherry are two coffee beans (sometimes it is only one bean and these are called peaberry beans).

Coffee trees take 3-5 years to pruduce their fruit and they require special attention to soil, light and climate to produce a quality survice. the cherries are either picked by hand or machine harvest.

Very soon after harvest, the beans have to be processed to avoid the sticky fruit from fermenting and spoiling the beans. There are two ways of proprocessing beans: wet and dry

Dry processing is a centuries old method in which the harvested beans are laid out in the sun for about 15 days or so. They are periodically turned and spread to dry evenly.

Wet processing is a more modern approach and it involes a cycle of washing and fermenation. This allows the pulp left on the bean to soften making it easier to rinse the fruit off. This processing method is preferable because it causes less damage to the beans.

After processing, the beans are sorted through and the "bad" beans are discarded. The beans that are left are bagged and shipped.

Like having two different ways of making coffee, one causes less damage and one is left out to dry. The two different ways might have an effect on the coffee tempreture.

MY FIRST TRY pictures of my liquids: warm water red date horlick hot chocolate coffee how coffee is made
what is viscosity
horlick consist
what is red date What is viscosity? Dictionary meaning:
the property of a fluid that resists a force tending to cause the fluid to flow Example:
if you compare water and honey, the water will flow faster because there is less viscosity. What is Horlicks consist Horlick is a malted millk powder that you mix with warm milk to make a drink. it is wheatier and less malty-tasting than some other drinks.

The basic ingredients Horlicks is malted barley, wheat flour and evaporated milk. It is now available in many flavors including original, chocolate, banana, strawberry, etc. What is red date Red dates, also known as Chinese date and jujube, has been listed in the six important fruits, waxberry, plum, peach, namely, apricot and Red date. It has a long history. Some traditional Chinese medicine use red dates to strengthen
the function of heart and lung, as well as nourish the stomach and spleen.
Red dates also supports normal blood pressure. If Red Dates help be medicine then it might cool down the fastest
becasue usally you drink medicine in a cool tempreture and it might
be very viscous. conclusion and evaluation Conclusion:

My question was which liquid cooled down the fastest and my answer was Horlick!
Next time I would make a connection with my backround information and my fair test. I would also explain more specific terms and write a better explanation. I didn't write alot of examples and I will write more examples next time I do a fair test. I enjoyed this fabulous and challenging homework and make more improvements for the next time i do a fair test.


My questions are:
most of my drinks are suppose to be hot, what drinks can be cool and hot?
What connections can I make with my backround information and my fair test?
Which liquid cools down the slowest?
what would be a more accurate way of doing this fair test?
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